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Noah Pappano '10

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Before landing his current position, Noah Pappano, a 2010 double major in English and Writing, was headed for the Peace Corps. However, after attending the two month training, he realized it wasn’t the right fit for him and courageously withdrew his participation. He then interned for W.W. Norton and Company as an editorial intern and as an Environmental Steward for Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton, NY, where he was tasked with tracking the hospital’s waste stream. Noah is currently rounding out his one-year commitment with AmeriCorps Vista—a branch of AmeriCorps that focuses primarily on environmental education, development, and outreach.

Noah’s current role is as development specialist for a small nonprofit called Rabideau Conservation Academy & Learning Center (CALC), which assists youth in rural northern Minnesota in pursuing higher education and work experience. Their work is done primarily through service-learning activities in such fields as forestry, construction, renewable energy, local food production, and historical preservation. “My job as the development specialist is to build the capacity of the organization and make it more sustainable. I write grants, create partnerships or strengthen existing partnerships, give presentations, update our social media, direct the springtime vegetable production program, supervise volunteers, and coordinate our summer youth service-learning program, to name a few things.”

Although he attended GMC to become a writer, he credits the four core classes on environmental responsibility and civic engagement, as preparing him for his current role. He advises current students to, “take advantage of everything, do everything, go to classes on subjects you know nothing about, get involved in activities you have no experience in, and give, give, give. Don’t be afraid to take a chance.”

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