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Year-By-Year Checklist

First Year: Self-Assessment and Career Exploration

  • Get to know the staff. We are located in the CAT Center and office hours are M-F, 8:30-5pm
  • Utilize the Journey Career Planning Tool and make a follow-up appointment in Career and Personal Development to discuss your results
  • Meet with your academic advisor to make sure you are on the right track academically
  • Ask your advisor about the 4-Yr plan for your major
  • Start utilizing the Calhoun Learning Center early and often
  • Start a “growing” résumé! Stop by beforehand for valuable resources and advice
  • Join student clubs and organizations - get involved! Be sure to ask how to include these experiences on your résumé
  • Get to know faculty and staff through events like our “Stories Out of School” faculty panel
  • Create an account through our GMC JobLink (starting Oct. 2014)
  • Learn about the value of internships
  • Apply for internships during the winter/spring of Freshman year
  • Consider looking for a summer job that will help you begin to identify your career interests and gain relevant experience
  • Explore the core curriculum to discover new interests and develop a strong interdisciplinary academic foundation
  • Look at the “What can I do with my major” pages on our website
  • Declare your majors/minors if you feel ready
  • Attend Career Development Programming and workshops
  • Start to explore opportunities for study abroad, eco-league, etc. Create a timeline with your advisor of when it might be a good time to pursue these opportunities
  • Start a portfolio of your best work. Utilize the Kuder Journey tool or LinkedIn to help organize your documents
  • Begin a Credential File for recommendation letters, GRE scores, and additional information you would like the office to keep on file. Documents are securely stored for 7 yrs after graduation
  • Utilize the valuable resources on our website

Sophomore Year: Career Exploration and Internship

  • Do well academically.
  • If you have not already done so, choose a major.
  • Write a resume and have it reviewed by Career and Personal Development staff.
  • Explore career options within your major.
  • Cultivate key campus career contacts and network among them.
  • Participate in sophomore programming!
  • Seek a summer position that will give you direct experience in a field you wish to pursue after graduation.
  • Plan to get relevant work experience through a summer job, job shadowing, or volunteer work.
  • Attend Career and Personal Development workshops, alumni panel discussions, and programs and lectures in your area of interest.

Junior Year: Career Experimentation and Preparation

  • Relate your values, interests and abilities to possible career choices.
  • Develop your career goals.
  • Research thoroughly the occupations you are considering.
  • Interview people about the nature of their jobs in areas that interest you. The Office of Career and Personal Development can help you find alumni that can serve as information resources.
  • Continue to increase your abilities through meaningful extracurricular activities and work.
  • Begin to research programs and entrance requirements if graduate school is in your future. Meet with appropriate advisor.
  • Obtain a quality internship over the summer.
  • Develop relationships with faculty and professionals to enable them to assist in your search and to write letters of recommendation on your behalf.
  • Visit Career and Personal Development often.
  • Practice interviewing.
  • Refine your leadership and organizational skills in campus activities.
  • Refine your resume and portfolio.
  • Keep contact with key campus professionals.
  • Do community service.
  • Attend career fairs.
  • Join at least one professional association to make appropriate contacts.
  • Narrow your career search.
  • Talk to recent graduates about their experiences in areas of interest to you.

Senior Year: Organizing Your Job Search or Graduate School Application

  • Make an appointment to talk with Career and Personal Development staff about your post graduation plans.
  • Have your resume and cover letters critiqued at Career and Personal Development.
  • Establish a credential file.
  • Update your portfolio.
  • Perform mock interviews.
  • Research prospective employers before the interview. Prepare appropriate questions.
  • Attend career fairs and take advantage of all on and off campus recruiting programs.
  • Evaluate each interview. What did you learn? What went well? What could you do better next time?
  • Talk with professionals in your field about opportunities; network with GMC alumni.
  • Write letters of inquiry, visit employers, follow-up!
  • Apply to graduate schools and take all required entrance exams.
  • Use computer job search resources.
  • Read at least two trade publications in your field of study.
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