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Establish a Credential File

The Office of Career and Personal Development offers a free credential file preparation and mailing service for undergraduate and graduate students as well as alumni.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding this service:

What is a credential file?
A credential file is a convenient way for you to provide letters of reference and evaluations to prospective employers and/or graduate schools. These references attest to your character, academic abilities and work habits. It is a quick way to provide information for multiple job applications, free your references from writing multiple letters for you, and provide for permanent safekeeping and mailing of your credentials.

What does the file include?
The file that we send to employers at your request is composed of letters of reference and evaluation forms from instructors, supervisors, and in some cases personal references. We recommend that your file contain no more than six references. If there are excessive credentials in the file, only the recent relevant references will be sent, unless you specify otherwise.

What doesn’t it include?
It does not include your resume or college transcripts. Be sure to send your resume and cover letter to employers yourself and request that your transcripts be sent by the Registrar’s Office. Requests for such transcripts must be made in writing to the Registrar and be signed by the student. Verbal requests cannot be accepted.

When should I open a credential file?
The beginning of your senior year or start of your graduate studies is the best time to establish your file so you can be sure it is complete prior to graduation. However, you can initiate a file anytime during your academic career or even after you graduate. Please keep in mind that processing your new file and collecting all the evaluations takes time.

How do I start a credential file?
Complete the Green Mountain College Credential File Release Form and return to the Office of Career and Personal Development. This form notifies you of your right to view your file and notifies us if you opt to waive that right. Completion of this form officially opens your file.

How do I collect references for my file?
Select references as you would for any job application, choosing people who know you and can speak well of your abilities. Let them know you are starting a credential file and explain specifically what you would like them to submit. (If you need a letter of reference as opposed to an evaluation, say so. If you would like both, let them know). Be sure and provide them with reference forms that you can request from the Office of Career and Personal Development. Once completed, letters should be sent:

Career and Personal Development
Green Mountain College
One Brennan Circle
Poultney, VT 05764

How do I request that my credentials be sent to an employer?

Contact Career and Personal Development in writing via e-mail ( or campus mail. Be sure to include name, title, and address of the person to whom the credential file will be sent. Also be sure and include both your name and former name if any.

Can I see my references and evaluations?

If you would like to retain the right to view your reference materials, make sure to choose the “I may review the letter” option when starting your credential file. Before submitting evaluation forms to your references, be sure to sign and complete the bottom portion that states a closed recommendation.

Is there a fee for this service?

There is no charge for this service.

Do you have samples of references from faculty?

Yes, we do! The samples below are actual letters of references that Green Mountain College faculty members have written for students.

Sample Reference #1
Sample Reference #2
Sample Reference #3
Sample Reference #4
Sample Reference #5

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