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Applying to Graduate School

Career and Personal Development can advise you on the process of applying to graduate school. You may pick up registration booklets for various tests (GRE, LSAT, MCAT, Praxis, etc.) in the Career Resource Room, as well as a free Graduate School Guide. Make an appointment to talk about your graduate school plans and let us help you find the resources you need for the questions you have.

Decisions Pertaining to Grad School

Reasons Why I Want to go to Grad School:

  • To gain a Master's or Doctorate for entry into a particular career
  • To be eligible for professional licensing (physical therapy license, etc.)
  • To make more money in my first professional job
  • I love the field and want to learn more
  • I will feel more comfortable in an academic setting
  • I want to delay the career decision-making process

Where Do I Want To Go:

  • Location of school (urban vs. rural)
  • Location of school (proximity to friends/family)
  • Size of total student enrollment
  • Prestige of school
  • Quality of faculty in my department
  • Amount of aid/assistantship given

Research Your Options:

  • Ask appropriate faculty members for their opinions on schools
  • Talk to professionals in the field and ask them to recommend programs
  • Call each school and ask questions
  • Write or call for program brochures to compare and contrast
  • Visit schools that interest you
  • Speak with students currently in the program you are considering
  • Read through the course catalogs for each program

How Do I Apply:

  • Most applications are now online so be sure to check out the websites for application information
  • Call or write the graduate/professional school offices asking for applications, course catalogs, and financial aid information

Double Check Your Progress:

  • Clarify application process and requirements
  • Determine the standardized test(s)that are required (GRE, LSAT, etc.)
  • Schedule or register for a testing date
  • Study!!! Practice!!! Check out resources in Career Resource Room; buy a study guide or take a test review course
  • Have test scores sent to appropriate schools
  • Request some official transcripts from the Registrar's office
  • Identify 3 people who can write you strong letters of recommendation
  • Ask for recommendation letters EARLY (at least 2 months before due date)
  • Complete and organize your portfolio (put online if possible)
  • Write (and re-write) your Personal Statements and have others proofread them
  • Schedule interviews/auditions and/or visits to campuses
  • Do mock interviews

Important Considerations

  • Will I be ready to go to school again right after graduation or should I take some time off?
  • How many prerequisites will I need to fulfill before matriculating?
  • When are most of the schools' application deadlines?
  • When are the appropriate standardized tests offered?
  • How long will it take for me to adequately prepare for the test(s)?
  • Will I need to apply for financial aid?

Check out these websites for study help and resources for your graduate school planning.

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GRE Study Zone
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