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Understanding Communication Studies

A Skateboarding Communication Studies Major
Russell Stone can be found around campus on a skateboard or engaged in using new technology to make a difference. This semester Russell completed the social media certification program with HootSuite University in his Social Media: Analysis and Application course. Next semester he will be working on the implementation of an online community engagement technology called MindMixer.

How do you craft a message that resonates with an audience? How do you amplify your message through social media channels? How do you lead groups to create synergy and creative thoughts? These are some of the questions students studying communication studies explore. As students gain an understanding of the complexities of media, understand how to harness the power of broad social media contexts, and understand how to be a leader in the new technological landscape, they are gaining skills that will help forward their career and professional aspirations.

The GMC Communication Studies program prides itself on providing students with relevant and important skills that will help students be attractive for employers as well as have valuable skills for entrepreneurial endeavors. Each semester students interact with professionals in the field, have many opportunities to create portfolio building projects, have internship opportunities with local and regional communication and media outlets.

Majors & Minors

  • B.A. in Communication Studies (41 credits for a major in Communication Studies)
  • Minor in Communication Studies (18 credits for a minor in Communication Studies)

Selected Learning Outcomes

  • Possess project leadership skills and the ability to lead groups and teams.
  • Gather content and deliver refined messages for all media.
  • Have confidence in writing and creating products for diverse media.
  • Gain project management experience.
  • Analyze current and emerging communication practices.
  • Understand social media, amplification, and best practices for audience engagement.
  • Have professional communication skills, LinkedIn competence, and networking ability.
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