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Communication Studies

Program Director: Jason Schmitt, Ph.D.
Division of Humanities, Education, & Arts

Programs offered:

  • BA in Communication Studies

  • Minor in Communication Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies
The Communication Studies Program at Green Mountain College provides graduates with a broadly applicable degree that allows for a professional career in a variety of industries and also provides grounding toward graduate study. Through diverse training and mentoring, students are equipped to succeed in the modern, ever-changing workforce. Communication Studies graduates possess a mastery of the latest software and technology, strong presentation skills, and a professional skill set that will keep graduates competitive in the modern work environment.

The Communication Studies course offerings allow students to gain the confidence to become effective leaders. Students gain experience in group communication, public presentations, media writing, new media trends, and have hands-on projects that include creating analytic reports, applying new media skills to projects and campaigns, and orchestrating in-depth service-learning projects to support local organizations. Communication Studies majors are required to develop a professional portfolio that provides evidence of the experience gained through off-campus internships and media practicums with a campus publication or community-based project. Because of this, our majors graduate with work experience and a portfolio that will make an impact during job interviews or graduate school applications. Many of our graduates accept positions working with media corporations, create content for a variety of outlets, become communication specialists for government, business and non-profit sectors, work in video and media production, or work in strategic communications and media advocacy for the public and private sector.

Learning Outcomes for Communication Studies Majors
The successful student will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles, laws, history, values, ethics, and civic role of communication.
  • Critical analysis, synthesis, and communication of information for civic and rhetorical purpose.
  • Be fluent in critical analysis, synthesis, and the dispersal of information for civic and public purpose.
  • Possess an ability to integrate and publish text, images, audio, and video for a variety of audiences.
  • Be able to construct and create a media directed campaign and strategy.
Requirements for BA in Communication Studies

General Electives Total electives vary depending on total of other credits
Credits: 42-43

ELA Requirements See ELA section of this catalog for details
Credits: 36-37

Total credits for BA in Communication Studies: 120-121
Note: All students are required to complete 33 credits of upper-division work (3000-4000 level courses).


Communication Studies Minor
Available to all bachelor degree candidates

Communication Studies Core:

Total credits for a Minor in Communication Studies: 18

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