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Robert Holloway

From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream Waters

Sometimes it’s easy to think you know what you want in life; that is, until the perfect opportunity presents itself. Then, suddenly, everything changes.

As is the case for Robert Holloway, a junior from Pleasant Hill, California. Arriving at Green Mountain College with his sights on basketball, he soon found that he wanted more.

“I was originally recruited to play basketball, but I found so much more here,” he said, “I took speech communications class with Paula Mann, and she said I totally killed it with one of my speeches. She took me aside and said, ‘that was really good; you might want to look into it as a profession.’ Jason Schmitt was also a big motivator in my decision to become a communications studies major.”

The welcoming community at GMC is a vital part of what makes GMC perfect for Robert: “My transition from California to Vermont wasn’t so smooth, but professors, students and my coach Darryl Tucker really helped me with it. People here are so much nicer and care more than in California. I wasn’t very intrinsically motivated, and it helps me a lot to be here,” he said.

Robert’s enjoyment for media is more than academic, as his work with GMC’s Stream shows.

The Stream is a student-run video channel of Green Mountain College online at The Stream.

“We started up the Stream last year. I’m the president now. We capture footage of events on campus "and create a short video of the event,” he said.

“We’re working on trying to get segment called ’60 seconds’ in which we wrap up everything in about a minute. We’ll also be working with the communications department to create videos for the admissions dept. to let prospectives see what they can have at GMC that they can’t have anywhere else,” he said.

Media and communication have burgeoned into a lifelong passion. Robert said that in his future, “I definitely want to work with media; whether it’s audio, video or working in PR.

“I’m going to see if I can work at the Rutland television station that my video professor works at. I’ll be content working with media.”

By Tim Halteman ‘15

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