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Carly Myers '08

Helping Others Succeed

Carly Myers is dedicated to education. Not only does she enjoy it herself -- though she could graduate early, she’s remaining at GMC “just for the fun of it” next semester -- but as an elementary education major with a special education certificate, she’s enthusiastic about helping others realize their full potential, too.

It’s a commitment that Carly, a senior from Georgia, Vermont, has nurtured throughout her life. In high school she volunteered to work with students in the lower grades, and, even while student teaching this semester at the Mettowee Community School, has found the time to continue tutoring at the Calhoun Learning Center on campus.

But why such devotion? “I’ve always loved being in school,” she says. Though she does cite her parents (both of whom are educators) as influential, her childhood teachers were also major inspirations. “I had a lot of great teachers in elementary school who made even the smallest of accomplishments seem like the greatest things in the world. It was that kind of warm environment that encouraged me to want to teach,” Carly says.

Once she graduates, Carly wants to work with students in kindergarten, first or second grade because of how important these years are for a person’s growth. Carly has also centered a part of her college career on special education students. “Every child has something to offer,” Carly says of this choice. “I wanted to be aware of the various procedures and the types of needs these students would have so that I could help them find their own way of contributing to the classroom.”

Carly’s current work with kindergartners has her leaning towards teaching this age group when she graduates, but she’s not sure yet. Many have encouraged her to become involved in school administration, though she thinks she’d prefer to remain in the classroom. “I think it takes a special kind of person to be a principal,” she says. Either way, Carly knows that she’d like to stay in the New England area after graduation and eventually get a masters degree.

By Nicole Ainsworth '09


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