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Emily Ross '10

A Student Bent on Teaching

After Emily Ross '10 decided that Ohio Wesleyan University wasn’t for her, she went to the nearest bookstore and sat down with a book of 365 colleges, intent upon narrowing down to one that would suit her the best.

She had already taken the huge step of finding out what it was she wanted to study. It just so happened that it was also one of her deep-rooted passions: working with children.

“I started babysitting when I was about 13 for a family at our church who had triplets. I babysat neighborhood kids. My cousins also looked up to me so I was always playing games and stuff like that with them,” Emily says.

She realized that her knack for children would be a great avenue to explore as she continued her education. Taking a year off of school, Emily started working at a pre-school near her home in Gladstone, New Jersey where she was an assistant in a classroom of 24 four and five year-old children.

This challenging experience helped her to realize that understanding and communicating effectively with children is a skill that can be learned, and one she wanted to develop further. So she decided to study education with a concentration in psychology.

“I think that understanding why kids are the way that they are developmentally will help me be a better teacher and cater to them,” she says. “I realized I liked working with kids even more than I thought I had.”

Emily put the finishing touches on her longtime dream by crossing out the last college in her book and enrolling at GMC.

“When I found Green Mountain and started with the education program—that was it. I was sold,” she says, noting that although she has always been a focused and disciplined person, GMC has helped her to manage her time even more efficiently.

“I do my readings the night that I get them” she chuckles. “I like to get my work done on time.”

Emily is active around campus as well. She is a former captain of the GMC cheerleading squad and part of an All-Star Cheer squad in Rutland, and is also a work-study student for Student Life. Earlier this semester, she put her organizational and teaching skills to work as the freshman orientation leader.

At the end of the day, Emily is a model student, but not just that. She’s a teacher, a mentor, and an example for others. Ross will spend next semester student teaching at a nearby elementary school. Her post-college plans are to move to Colorado, where she has extended family, to pursue a career in education—or, if things don’t work out, as, what she called jokingly, her “alter ego”—a receptionist.

Whether it’s answering the phone or aiding kids through crucial developmental years, Emily likes the feeling of helping others get where they’re trying to go.

“I’m very organized. To be able to get someone what they need… I thoroughly enjoy it,” she says. “I would like to travel and teach at different parts of the world, but… we’ll see where life takes me.”

By Chad Skiles ‘12


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