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Sam B. Edwards III J.D., LL.M.

Professor of Environmental Law & Policy; Animal Studies Program Director; Japan Exchange Program Director
Director, Japanese Exchange Program

Ames Hall 108
One Brennan Circle
Poultney, VT 05764-1199
Email Address:
Phone: 802-287-8386; Fax: 802-287-8080

Teaching Experience
Having studied, practiced, and taught law in the US, Kenya, Micronesia, and Japan I have a broad perspective on legal systems. I bring those experiences to my courses at Green Mountain and frequently discuss comparative elements of policy with my students. In addition to law and policy I also teach international negotiations. Improving on negotiation skills provide lifelong benefits. My courses are in both the undergraduate and graduate programs.

I also teach several courses in the environmental liberal arts curriculum. My courses have included: environmental law, international environmental law, wildlife law, public policy, international negotiations, law and society, trade and the environment, and Japanese language and culture I and II.

Recent additions to teaching include directing the interdisciplinary animal studies program and the international exchange program with Nagoya University in Japan. I work with international students and GMC students doing international exchanges.

L.L.M. in International Environmental Law, 2001
Nagoya University Graduate School of Law, Nagoya, Japan

J.D. with special concentration in Environmental and Natural Resources Law, 1995
Northwestern School of Law of Lewis & Clark College

B.A. in Public Policy Analysis and Biology, 1991
Pomona College

Selected Publications
“Protecting Culture and Marine Ecosystems Under the Law in Micronesia,” International Journal of Cultural Property, vol. 19, no. 2 (May 2012)

"Legal Trade in African Elephant Ivory: Buy Ivory to Save the Elephant?"; International Environmental Law and World Order: A Problem-Oriented Coursebook 3rd edition. (Sir Geoffrey Palmer, et. al., eds. 2012)

“Doing international business online for the small and medium business: will e-payments and online dispute resolution open doors to international trade?” Chapter 16 in Cyberlaw for Global E-Business: Finance, Payments, and Dispute Resolution (Spring 2008).

“Legal Trade in African Elephant Ivory: Buy Ivory to Save the Elephant?” 7 Animal L. 119 (2001).

“Domestic implementation of CITES: ivory management in Africa.” Nagoya Graduate School of International Development, Discussion Paper Jan. 2000.

“Comparative Negligence and Contributory Negligence: What the difference means to insurers.” Guam and Saipan Insurance Litigation Quarterly, Fall 1998.

“Failure to Mitigate Damages: An often overlooked defense,” Guam and Saipan Insurance Litigation Quarterly, Spring 1998.

“Damage to Ceremonial Property in the States of Yap: Theories of Recovery,” Northwestern School of Law of Lewis & Clark College, International Legal Perspectives, Fall 1995 Vol. 7, Issue 2.

Bar Admissions
California (bar association no. 200049) Dec. 1998
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (bar association no. 96000) Oct. 1996
Territory of Guam (bar association no. 95005) Nov. 1995
Yap, Federated States of Micronesia (no bar association no.) June 1994

Recent Conference Presentations
Community based alternative dispute resolution in criminal cases in the Federated States of Micronesia: A Community Mediation Fantasy” New York State Political Science Association Conference (Spring 2012).

The effect of technology on addressing emotions in dispute resolution: using the right tools for the job” Cyberweek 2011 National Technology Center, University of Massachusetts and Creighton University School of Law's Werner Institute for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution (Fall 2011).

Protecting marine ecosystems under the law: legal theories for protection of cultural rights in marine ecosystem damage cases in Micronesia” New York State Political Science Association Annual Conference, Niagara University (Spring 2011).

A Multi-Cultural Look at Forgiveness and Apology” Forgiveness Forum For Professionals (Spring 2011).

Online mediation: Mediation styles and mediator moves in the online environment.” Cyberweek 2010 National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution, University of Massachusetts (Fall 2010).

Google Wave, the future, and other tools, here and now, for collaboration online in mediation, arbitration, negotiation, public policy making, and other processes for dispute resolution and problem solving.” Cyberweek 2009 National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution, University of Massachusetts (Fall 2009).

Beyond same place, same time; an introduction to online dispute resolution tools for ADR professionals.” Cyberweek 2008 National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution, University of Massachusetts(Fall 2008).

Legal Experience
Aug. 1995 - Dec. 1997
Agaña, Guam
Associate Attorney
As an associate attorney in a litigation defense firm I had significant trial and motion experience emphasizing insurance defense, institutional defense, banking law, environmental law, administrative law, and criminal law. My duties included: conducting depositions, arguing motions, litigating civil and criminal trials.

Dec. 1995 - Dec. 1997
Tiyan, Guam
Impartial Hearings Officer
As a part-time administrative hearings officer I presided over contested case hearings and issued binding decisions and orders. To prepare me for the position, I had extensive training under the Federal Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.

June - Dec. 1994
Colonia, Yap, Federated States of Micronesia
Legal Counsel / Public Prosecutor
During law school I completed an externship on the island of Yap. After passing the Yap bar examination, I worked half-time as legal counsel to the EPA and half-time as a public prosecutor. I prosecuted violators of environmental rules and regulations, drafted some of Yap’s first environmental regulations, trained EPA staff, and represented EPA in negotiations with violators. As a public prosecutor I prosecuted criminal misdemeanors and felonies; advised state agencies; drafted legislation; and argued motions.

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