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Program Director: Laird Christensen, Ph.D.
Division of Humanities, Education, & Arts

Programs offered:
  • BA in English
  • BA in English with Secondary School Teacher Certification
  • BFA in Writing
  • Minor in English
  • Minor in Writing

The English Program offers two degrees devoted to the theory and practice of written communication: the Bachelor of Arts in English and the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Writing. Courses in British, American, and World literatures, and in literary, journalistic, and expository writing offer all students a greater fluency in expression and an appreciation of our literary heritage. Graduates in these majors go on to graduate study, professional schools, specialized training programs, and a variety of occupations where verbal excellence, strong interpersonal skills, and disciplined thinking are essential.

Learning Outcomes for English Majors
The successful student will:
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of Standard Written English, learning to express themselves in a clear and cogent manner through exams and essays that meet criteria outlined in Writing program rubrics.
  • Demonstrate with a thorough understanding of English-language literature and its patterns of development through exams and essays.
  • Demonstrate sophisticated reading skills that make possible the critical analysis and interpretation of written texts via examinations and essays.
  • Demonstrate research skills that enable them to access relevant scholarly materials, as well as the historical contexts within which literary works are embedded, via the writing of substantial research essays in literary analysis.
  • Demonstrate how the skills gained as an English major can be put to use after graduation via an informal exit interview to assess the major’s post-Green Mountain College plans.

Bachelor of Arts in English
The English program at Green Mountain College offers students the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of authors who represent literary traditions from Great Britain, North America, and around the world. While most students major in English because of their fondness for a good story and their love of language that is potent and memorable, the study of literature also provides dramatic lessons in history, philosophy, psychology, and cultural studies. From survey courses to seminars in authors, genres, and literary movements, and interdisciplinary approaches to literature, our English program strikes a balance between breadth of knowledge and depth of understanding.

The training students receive in critical reading and analytical writing is ideal preparation for graduate studies in a variety of liberal arts majors. Those students who understand the importance of literature in revealing how cultures and individuals make sense of the world will find this field of study practical, no matter what their plans for the future may be.

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