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Devon Buczkowski

Guiding Light

After high school, Devon Buczkowski '15, a dual writing and psychology major from Lexington, Mass., was looking for small schools in rural areas. Green Mountain College was the perfect fit.

“Lexington is not directly in the city, but it’s 20 minutes out of Boston,” she said. "Schools in big towns didn’t feel homey. Small towns in the middle of nowhere just felt right.”

Devon’s pursuit of writing and psychology together stems from her deep and growing interest in both disciplines. 

“I’ve always liked writing. My freshman year I had all these ideas and free time, so I started writing and fell in love with it,” she said.

She also finds psychology fascinating. I like helping people and I’m interested in how the brain works,” she said, “so psychology covers both of those interests.”

Her interest in the human personality and behavior also drives her fiction. She says most of her stories are very character oriented--learning how the mind works is a great way to shape her characters and "get inside their heads."

Devon’s career interests will lean more toward her psychology major, while her writing major will aid in her personal growth. 

“I would love to be a high-school guidance counselor and do some novel writing on the side,” she said. "I’d like to do community service as well,” she said. The intimate relationships possible with GMC professors have benefited Devon’s growth as a student and as a person. 

“Every professor has been so passionate and knowledgeable about their fields, “she said. “Every question I’ve had, no matter how abstract, has been answered. And no matter what they’re talking about, whether it’s with Laird Christensen about writing or psychology with my professors, they’re excited and enthusiastic."

Tim Halteman ‘15

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