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Jenn Rupp '08

A Love for Words

Jen Rupp sits in the library, patiently waiting for a meeting, spending the time flipping through a book on ancient Greece. It is not unusual to find her in such a position, her curiosity about the world and her lure to the written word pulling her evermore.

“My parents would tell you that I was reading in my crib,” says Jen, a junior from Greenwich, CT. “I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I did develop a love of reading very early on.” At some point, she also developed a strong conviction that children benefit greatly from a passion for reading.

She is now a volunteer with America Reads, a program aimed at developing reading skill and appreciation with elementary school children. Jen works with a fourth-grade boy at Poultney Elementary School and admits that she was doubtful at first. “I didn’t think we’d be able to relate at first,” she says, “but we’re both having a lot of fun… I love that one-on-one connection.”

An English major with a special interest in creative writing, Jen has enjoyed a broad range of course topics in pursuit of her muse. She’s found that small classes in which students can critique each other’s writing have been surprisingly helpful in improving her own style. This was the case in her recent playwriting course. “When they focus on your play, they really focus on your play. You get to hear the good stuff, but you also get to hear what needs work.”

Jen’s work is familiar to many on campus. She has been published in the GMC literary journal, Reverie. She won’t pin herself to a particular future plan right now, though she’s thinking big. “I could always marry a prince and be a creative writer,” she says. Some of her equally ambitious, though perhaps more attainable, ideas include working as a blogger or journalist or seeking a graduate degree in education.

By Nicole Ainsworth '09

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