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Tim Halteman

A Way With Words

Tim Halteman loves words. The junior from Perkasie, Penn. describes himself as “somebody who has always been emotionally carried away by books and writing.”

Since grade school, Tim has enjoyed writing projects and school writing assignments. In high school, he began writing stories on his own time and for himself. By the time he completed a 12th grade creative writing class, he felt confident in his decision to pursue writing in college.

Tim attended Kutztown University, where he was a professional writing major, for his freshman year of college. He transferred to Green Mountain College his sophomore year, drawn to the BFA program and impressed by the student interactions he witnessed when visiting the campus.

In the classroom, Tim enjoys writing workshops and reading his classmates’ work, as well as studying the narrative art form. He admires the faculty, and appreciates their diverse teaching styles. His interest in writing continues to broaden and grow with each class that he takes. Currently, he is enrolled in prof. Amy Murphy’s “History of the English Language” course, which has introduced him to a new and surprising way to look at literature—through studying phonetics and linguistics. Tim is now considering graduate studies in linguistics after graduating from GMC.

Outside of class, Tim is involved in the various campus writing communities. He is on the staff of the Reverie, where he reads and selects works to be published in the College's annual literary journal. He is the editor in chief of the student-run newspaper the Mountaineer, and he writes the “Student Snapshot” articles for the GMC Journal.

This past summer, Tim honed his editorial skills while working for Montgomery Media, a weekly paper in Pennsylvania. He finds journalism an “accessible way for young writers to gain experience writing and editing.” At the GMC newspaper editor in chief, Tim strives for authentic and quality reporting and writing. “I have never been excited by sensationalist news, so I don’t focus on those stories.”

Tim, a writing major and philosophy minor, is currently concentrating on short fiction, although he is interested in other genres and mediums, including writing a novella. One thing is for sure—every day, whether it is poetic, fictional or journalistic, Tim Halteman is writing. “I get stressed out if I don’t write every day. Writing is one thing that has always made sense to me—it feels natural. If I don’t make time for reading and for writing, then I do not feel complete.”

By Jett Brooks

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