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Student Writing

Below are some examples of poetry and short stories written by students in the English & writing programs.

by Samantha Albala

The last I saw of him his big brown eyes were closed and I was squinting at them
up close.
Speak to me and I will listen
if you need it, I am here-- if you are reading this
It is your invitation
I’d rather listen than be intimidated by anyone’s fearful silence
The sun sinks,
My fingers trace everything
I once touched,
in longing for the ones who once gave me comfort.
I've miss this (An observation.)
I don't want to change the way I think of you now, because of something you could do later.

Winter in New York
by Hannah Blaisdell


Some things are worth loving.
The narcissi in their cold window-pots, brightening,
in spite of everything.

Every day, I press through the strangeness
of city people. The sun longs for these streets terribly,
the buildings with their great stone shoulders
have no need for it, after all. So the streets are shadowed.

Even the park reflects the light half-heartedly,
the snow on the benches, on the bare black trees,
muffles its solitude. And I grow tired of gray things,
the buildings with their faces of glass,
the people in black coats, pouring.
The puddles crusting with ice and snow.

Today the sky settles
into its heaviness.

In the park, one tree is more alive
than the rest. It is strung with sparrows like
Christmas bells, all with their small round bellies protesting,
happily. I want to warn them,

but I know it would be useless. In their small, silly faith,
they know what I forget.

Canada Geese
by Lauren Wilcox

As I arrange a garrison of firewood,
I glance at the evening sky
The color of a darkening bruise.
The trees are thoughtful,
divested of their crowns.

Hulking silhouettes of mountains
scalloped with orange,
as the light seeps from the forest.
The thunk of split cherry on birch.

The first cry is so faint
the second or third I stop to listen,
head thrown back I watch the sky
like a child waiting for the first snow.

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