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Renewable Energy & Eco Design Certificate

Majors & Minors

  • B.A. in Environmental Studies

  • B.A. in Sustainable Agriculture & Food Production

  • Minor in Environmental Studies

  • Minor in Geology

  • Renewable Energy & EcoDesign Certificate

THE GMC ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES PROGRAM challenges students to examine their views on how humans interact with their natural and social environments. Students learn by doing; Vermont’s diverse ecosystems provide a living laboratory, while local issues engage students in ethics and policy classes. The GMC Block Course and the EcoLeague Consortium offer opportunities for interdisciplinary learning, and students graduate ready to address the complexities of environmental problems today.

Tied integrally to the mission of Green Mountain College, environmental studies is one of the largest and most diverse programs at the school. Nationally prominent environmental philosophers, writers, and policy makers teach courses, granting students access to the scholars who are shaping environmental thought today. The program offers two majors (environmental science and sustainable agriculture and food production), two minors and a certificate program.

Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire strong research and hands-on problem solving skills, which will prepare students for professions in environmental fields and for graduate school.

  • Be empowered to be active citizens in their communities. Students will have the reflective and communications skills to listen and respond to diverse perspectives, and they will be skilled in resolving conflicts.

  • Demonstrate critical comprehension of alternative global perspectives and frameworks in a way that is richly responsible to cultural traditions and political complexities.

  • Be environmentally, geographically, and historically literate: locally, regionally, and globally.

  • Develop strong scientific reasoning skills, particularly in ecosystemic thinking.

  • Develop strong analytical, critical thinking, reading, and writing skills.

  • Reflect on multiple perspectives regarding the appropriate ethical relationship between humans and nonhuman nature.

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