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Below is a list of speakers the environmental studies program has recently hosted at Green Mountain College.

Bill McKibben
Author, Founder of
Talk Title: "Life on the Border: Vermont, New York and the Future"
October, 2014

Bernd Heinrich
Talk Title: "The Potential Conflicts of Getting Close to Animals and Getting Close to Nature"
September, 2014

Jonathan Lash
President, Hampshire College Talk Title: "Who'll Lead on Sustainability?"
May, 2014

Dr. William H. Schlesinger
President of the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Millbrook, New York
Talk title: “Climate Change: Causes, Impacts and What to Do”
March 2013

James Gustave "Gus" Speth
Professor of Law at Vermont Law School
Talk Title: “America the Possible: Realizing a New American Dream”
April 2012

Rick Bass
“Three Rivers Challenge: Writing a Wilderness Bill”
April, 2011

Annie Bourdon
CarShare Vermont Executive Director
Talk Title: "Alternatives to Car Ownership: The Environmental, Economic and Social Impact"
April 2010

Stephen & Rebekah Hren
Authors of The Carbon-Free Home
Talk Title: "Carbon Costs for Construction: Technology Choices for the Homestead & Farm"
April 2010

Dave Cooper
Environmental activist
Talk Title: “Mountaintop Coal Mining in Appalachia”
February 2010

Public Forum: "The Future of Energy in Vermont"
Panelists: David Dunn (Central Vermont Power Service Cow Power program); Jeffrey Wennberg (Vermont Community Wind); David McElwee (Entergy Vermont Yankee) and Dan Brown (Foxfire Solar Energy Company)
November 2009

Steve Rinella
Author of American Buffalo: In Search of a Lost Icon
October 2009

Alan Weisman
Talk Title: "The World Without Us"
September, 2009

Jon Jensen
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies, Luther College
Talk Title: “Preparing for a Collapse?”
March 2009

Alan Betts
Climate Scientist, founder of Atmospheric Research, past president of the Vermont Academy of Science and Engineering
February 2009

Robert Costanza
Director of the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics at the University of Vermont
Talk Title: "Twin Crises of the Economy and the Environment and the Need for an Ecological Economics"
November 2008

Nova Kim and Les Hook
Talk Title: “Wildcrafting: Endangered Traditions and Endangered Species”
April 2008

Patricia Shine
Assistant Professor, Lyndon State College
April 2008

Dong-Ho Shin
Specialist in urban planning from Hannam University in Korea
Talk Title: “Reinventing the Urban Space Using the Physical Environment: The European Experience”
March 2008

Jonathan Isham
Associate Professor of Environmental Economics, Middlebury College
Talk Title: "Ignition: What You Can Do to Fight Global Warming and Spark a Movement"
April 2007

Peter Horvath
Nutritionist from the University of Buffalo
Talk Title: "You are what you eat, and where your food was grown: the effects of organic methods, storage and transportation on the nutritional quality of foods"
April 2007

Joan Dye Gussow
Mary Swartz Rose Professor Emeritus of Nutrition and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University
Talk Title: "Home Food: From Scary Spinach to Hardy Mache"
March 2007

Jim Merkel
author of Radical Simplicity and Dartmouth College Sustainability Coordinator
November 2006

Bill McKibben
Author and environmentalist
Talk Title: "Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future"
September 2006

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