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Food, Agriculture, and Community Development in the Northeast

Why should students care where their food comes from? An innovative block course in fall '06 entitled “Food, Agriculture, and Community Development in the Northeast” will focus on that issue as it challenges students to develop a sophisticated understanding of how food, agriculture, and community development operate as a system. The interdisciplinary course exposes students to a broad array of perspectives, while offering opportunities to visit people and facilities related to food, agriculture, and community development issues in the Northeast.

In addition to the three faculty members (Professors Jacob Park, Philip Ackerman-Leist, and Eleanor Tison), the block course will feature John Turenne, a nationally recognized culinary/food industry educator and the former executive chef/director of the Yale Sustainable Food Project, as a visiting faculty and other notable individuals from private companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations as guest lecturers.

An important focus of this course will be the college dining hall, which the class will use as a service learning ‘laboratory’ that will allow students to better understand the economics and eco-efficiencies of the current campus food service within the context of the local/regional food, agricultural, and community development system.

Course syllabus (PDF format).

Click here to see the class's final presentation (PDF format).