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Brunnenburg Farm & Museum

A unique internship program affords Green Mountain College students the opportunity to live, work, and study at a 13th century castle in Italy.

Home to a renowned study center and agriculture museum, Brunnenburg Castle is located in Italy’s South Tirol province, an Alpine region that melds Germanic and Mediterranean traditions. The de Rachewiltz family lives at the castle as well as operates the museum and study center.

GMC interns are involved in many aspects of daily life at Brunnenburg. They learn old and new methods of viticulture through hands-on experience in the castle’s vineyard, help to prepare meals in the castle’s kitchen, and discover the history and ecology of the region through coursework and through close study with members of the de Rachewiltz family.

The internship program is open to students who demonstrate a high level of dedication to the Cerridwen Farm. Brunnenburg interns gain experience in agricultural and interpretive work, and a familiarity with the castles and beautiful surroundings of the Italian Alps.

Read about two Brunnenburg interns:

Ethan Waldo '08
Self-designed, grass farming
Summer intern

"Ethan spent two and a half months in the summer of 2006 as an intern at Brunnenburg Castle. This eighth generation Vermonter knew that the internship would enrich his already-active agricultural endeavors, and give him a chance to test his mettle under “the hard-working mentality" that people in that region are known for. Simply by going out and doing a hard day's work, Ethan said, he gained experierience with the managerial perspectives of farming, and quickly realized that not only is there “always more to do," but the work also has to be done on a sustainable basis..." Click here to read more

Lyra Leigh-Nedbor '08
E.S., Agroecology major
Spring intern

"An environmental studies major, concentrating in agroecology, Lyra knew she wanted an international study experience. The opportunity to study at Brunnenburg's stunning alpine setting was a tempting way to experience a very different way of doing things. "They have a saying about turning disadvantages into advantages, and it results in very creative problem solving," Lyra says. Despite the famously steep and rugged terrain, farmers have found ways to make the vineyard productive for more than a century...."