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First mention of the farm in school archives dates back to 1834. Evidence found through research of old school records points to the pivotal role that the farm has played throughout the duration of higher education in the Poultney community. While owners, administrators, students, and learning objectives of the school have changed throughout the past 160 years, a constant and reliable variable was the farm. Whether it was providing fresh milk and produce to the dining hall, providing the ability for students to work off tuition fees, or even providing access to piglets for practical jokes, the farm was a part of the successes and failures of the community. With the introduction and adoption of contracted dining services sweeping colleges and universities across the country, as well as the promise of post WWII economic growth and stability, the farm was rented out in 1954. With new knowledge and an appreciation for the resilience and education that the farm could offer the community, we started operations back up in 1997 and have continued to grow and increase our impact environmentally and socially.

Half acre garden started.

Organic Ag course started.

Farm reclamation begins.

3-year grant for
Americorps farm manager.

Expansion to one and a half acres.

Campus composting grant
for Earth Tubs.

Rutland Area Farm & Food Link (RAFFL) conceived.

Oxen arrive.

Farm manager position funded.

Wind & solar power
added to greenhouse.

Administration adopts sustainable
food purchasing guidelines.

"Local Wednesdays" events.

High tunnel greenhouses installed

Solar Harvest Center established

OVaL Shed constructed

Increase to three-quarters
acre garden.

Family Farm Forum begins.

Sustainable Farming Systems class proposes plan to reclaim & build
GMC college farm.

Livestock & rotational grazing introduced.

Greenhouse constructed.

Sustainable Ag concentration added.

Expansion to 2 acres.

Water line added.

Block courses on New England
food systems created.

"5 Farms in 5 Days" Event.

Shift to oxen power.

Pigs introduced.

Expansion to 4 acres visible from dining hall.

Flash Freeze unit introduced

Yavanna grant supports sustainable agriculture research (LEAFS).

Commercial kitchen completed

Olwen Solar Garage built

Lawn-to-Edible Garden project unveiled

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