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Student Involvement

Cerridwen Farm offers countless opportunities in and out of the classroom for Ag students as well as anyone else interested in being a part of the farm. Everyone is welcome on the farm; if you want help with chores, learn how to drive oxen, process veggies for the dining hall, or even milk a cow or goat, you are more than welcome too. Experience is not an issue because this is an educational farm and if you are willing to take the time to learn, you will be taught!

Farm Crew - What is Farm Crew?
The Cerridwen Farm crew is a self-governing group consisting largely of volunteer students who assist in chores and other farm work. Members of the farm crew fit into three categories:

Student Volunteers
Most students on the farm crew are there purely because they enjoy contributing to the farm and learning about the agricultural practices put into use there. Students are always welcome to volunteer on the farm.

In some classes, such as "Intro To Cerridwen Farm," students have an obligation to work a certain number of hours on the farm to apply what they learn in class. Mixing classroom education and experiential learning gets people motivated and involved! There are also dozens of weekend intensives that range from wildcrafting to cheese making. Most of the classes for the Sustainable Agriculture major involve many off campus field trips to local farms. This gives students the ability to gain new perspectives on agriculture and farming systems outside of Green Mountain College.

Work-Study Students:
Students who show intensive interest in the farm sometimes become one of a handful of work-study students who receive pay for seven hours per week of work on the farm. Students are also hired as summer farm hands to keep the farm running during the summer months while learning hands production

How do I get involved?
Everyone is welcome to join farm crew. Meetings are normally held at 8 p.m on Monday nights, either in a classroom or in the warmer months in the haymow of the barn. To find out about meetings and opportunities you can check out the farm’s facebook page, or take a walk out to the farm, just beyond the library.

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