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Environmental Studies Sustainable Agriculture & Food Production Concentration

By the fall of their junior year, Environmental Studies majors are required to choose one of six possible E.S. concentrations, one of which is Sustainable Agriculture & Food Production. All Environmental Studies students who wish to concentrate in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production take at least fourteen credits from the concentration, at least six of which must from the fundamentals course list:

Fundamentals Courses:
ENV 1011 Fundamentals of Organic Agriculture
GLG 2031 Soils
ENV 3054 Sustainable Farming Systems (Fund Org Ag req’d, or permission)

Concentration Electives:
BIO 3013 Botany
BIO 3011 Special Topics in Biology (Entomology)
BIO 3019 Genetics
BIO 3021 Conservation Biology
GLG 2031 Soils
ENV 2060 Biodiversity Issues in Agriculture
ENV 3002 Food Preservation ENV 3045 Environmental Philosophy
ENV 3054 Sustainable Farming Systems
ENV 3075 Agroecology in the Alps
ENV 2067 Animal Husbandry
PHI 3025 Animal Ethics
BUS 3051 Small Business Entrepreneurship