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A Greeting from the Farm & Food Project Director
Food and farming have always been central to our existence, but it’s only been in the last few decades that we mistakenly decided to pretend that we could leave it all up to someone else.

The GMC Farm & Food Project is all about reclaiming what matters about nature, nurture, and nutrition – by way of learning why it matters. How we as individuals relate to food is usually a pretty good indicator of how we relate to the environment, our society, other cultures, and other animals. How we relate to food and agriculture as a community is indicative of the interests and priorities of that community.

GMC takes farming and food issues seriously. I’m proud to work in a college that has a working farm as a centerpiece of campus life and that doesn’t shy away from the complexity of issues surrounding how we sustain ourselves, our environment, and our culture. “Sustainability” is a word our culture struggles with, but when you get to the root of it all – sustenance – then it becomes much less abstract and academic... and as a result, much more serious.

The GMC Farm & Food Project is our way of ensuring that the centrality of food permeates virtually every aspect of our campus. The college farm makes it all real and gives everyone a chance to experience the challenges of farming. The sustainable purchasing initiatives in our dining hall challenge all of us to find ways to build a more sustainable campus food system. Our Sustainable Agriculture & Food Production major enables students to tackle the complexities of what happens on the college farm and in the dining hall with a hands-on, interdisciplinary approach—providing students with the skills and understanding they need to practice the craft of farming while also ensuring that they have the tools to comprehend the ecological, economic, and policy arenas in which any given farm exists. And our esteemed Family Farm Forum speaker series brings in several well-known experts on food and farming each semester, attracting a diverse audience of students, farmers, academics, and consumers – guaranteeing a dynamic evening of conversation, often kicked off by a special meal in the dining hall.

We're serious about what we're doing here, but we know how to have fun doing it, too. If you want to talk more about it, come on down to college farm or come visit me while I'm doing chores on my own farm at home. There's still plenty for all of us to learn!

Philip Ackerman-Leist
Director of GMC Farm & Food Project
Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

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