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Farm Crew Alumni/ae

Experienced students who bring about change.
The Cerridwen Farm has been a proving ground for many alumni who have gone on to do exciting things in sustainable farming and community development. Read the brief profiles and quotes below to get a feel for how the Farm & Food project affected their education, and what they're doing now.

Heather Polhemus-McDermott '01
Self-designed major in social, economic and ecological sustainability
Co-owner of an organic salad greens & herbs farm in Benson, Vt.

"My sustainable farming systems class really guided me in a direction and increased my awareness about the need for local food in society, and I definitely still use today a lot of the things from that class. A lot of students these days don't have a clue what they're going to do after graduation, but when I graduated, I knew where I was going, and now I really feel like I use my degree every day, especially for farming practices and for economic sustainability - helping to keep the farm going and making sure that we are socially sustainable."

Khanti Munro '05
Self-Designed Major in Renewable Energy Applications
Solar Photovoltaic Project Assistant/Instructor, Solar Energy International

"At GMC, the common thread of care and awareness for our environment convinces even the most cynical freshman to take another look at our endangered 'commons.' Green Mountain's integral approach to environmental stewardship allowed me to find my own focus and passion. Through independent studies and projects, internships, and very open-minded, flexible, and dedicated faculty, I was able to create my own education; something quite rare at the undergraduate level. I am now working in a field that I am passionate about and one that directly relates to my studies."

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