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  • Farm & Food: Image
  • Farm & Food: Oxen
    A farm crew member training the Cerridwen Farm's oxen, Bill & Lou.
  • Farm & Food: Dais
    Centrally located on the farm, the dais is a common place for students and farm crew to relax.
  • Farm & Food: Chicken Friends
    The farm has a movable chicken coop, to promote cleanliness on the farm grounds, and dozens of free-range hens.
  • Farm & Food: Welsh Harvest Festival
    The Welsh Harvest Festival, held every autumn on the farm, features hay rides, cider-making, live music and games.
  • Farm & Food: Winter Barn
    The barn houses the farm's Black Welsh Mountain Sheep in winter.
  • Farm & Food: Beans
    Farm crew members help organize veggies for the Community Supported Agriculture share, a share of produce picked up every week by participating community members.
  • Farm & Food: Oxen Rest
    The Cerridwen Farm is one of the only college-operated farms in the United States to support working draft animals.
  • Farm & Food: Class
    Classes often visit the farm for experiential learning activities and service-learning.
  • Farm & Food: Greenhouse
    The farm greenhouse is powered by off-the-grid passive solar and wind energy.
  • Farm & Food: Harvest
  • Farm & Food: Corn
  • Farm & Food: Battery Cells
    Here is a view of the windmill atop the permahill; in the foreground are the battery cells where excess energy is stored.
  • Farm & Food: Baby Lamb
    Winter and spring usually mean the birth of at least a few Black Welsh Mountain sheep.
  • Farm & Food: Llamas
    In 2006, two llamas were introduced as temporary guests on the farm.
  • Farm & Food: Raking
  • Farm & Food: Chicken Chase
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