Two years ago my wife Marsha and I decided
to install a garden behind the president’s
house, as a gift to the College. We wanted to
create a pleasing space with native plantings,
including edible plants that have a natural
place in the Vermont landscape. At about this
time, GMC was converting the front lawn of
the Solar Harvest Center (SHC) into an edible
garden. The landscape drawings for the
SHC project were prepared by several GMC
alumni including Morgan Barnicoat ‘05 and
Amber Rohe ‘03. Erika Krauss Cadreact ’09
and her sister Hana Krauss (a dynamic duo
otherwise known as the Two Sisters Garden
& Landscaping company), also contributed to
the project.
We invited Erika and Hana to see if they
could do something equally creative at the
president’s house. They planned and installed
a beautiful garden that skillfully integrates
native plants with a patio featuring local
Vermont slate.
It’s not surprising the two sisters built
their enterprise with sustainability as a
central part of the business plan. As a student
at GMC, Erika began a small organic dairy,
helped start the College’s Carbon Neutrality
Initiative, worked as a farm assistant at
Cerridwen Farm, and tracked local food
purchases in the school’s dining hall. It’s
exciting to see alumni use the skills
and values they developed at GMC in their
personal and professional lives.
In the following pages you’ll meet
several other people in our community—
faculty, staff, alumni and students—who are
exploring ways to tread more lightly on our
environment in their home and work lives.
If space permitted, this publication would
be much, much longer, for many of us are
closely examining what we eat, how we travel,
which materials and products we purchase
and how we consume energy as we strive
to live healthier lives while creating a more
sustainable world for future generations.
Like the individuals featured here,
Green Mountain College demonstrates its
values through the decisions it makes as an
institution. This spring, GMC became only
the fifth college in the country to divest
from 200 publicly-traded companies which
hold most of the world’s known coal, oil
and gas reserves—we are now working
with our investment advisors to develop
an institutional investment plan that yields
strong earnings while supporting companies
that are committed to economic and
environmental sustainability. It is consistent
with our new strategic plan Sustainability
2020, in which we challenge ourselves to
meet all of our energy needs with 100%
renewable sources by the end of the decade.
Through your generous support to the
College annual fund, we continue to provide
an educational experience that produces
graduates who are improving our world. The
College remains as vital as ever, and I thank
you for your sustained commitment to Green
Mountain College and for your continued
belief in the power of a liberal arts education.
Paul J. Fonteyn
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