Sam Edwards
Professor of environmental studies Sam Edwards, his wife Kazue and their
daughter Eri live in downtown Rutland where they try to reduce their
environmental impact in lots of ways. “We’re on a tight budget, so first we
took on the simpler stuff like using low-flow showerheads and compact
florescent light bulbs,” said Sam. Accomplished backyard composters, a
skill they learned through a course offered by the Rutland County Solid
Waste District, the Edwards’ also conducted an energy audit of their
home, which identified places where they needed to shore up insulation
to prevent heat loss. They took a big leap forward five years ago when
they designed and built a garage with a steeply pitched roof that would
have a southern exposure to the sun. A solar array generates enough
energy to meet 80% of the cost of heating their water. The system cost
$7,000 to install, but Sam expects the investment to pay for itself in just
two more years. “When you do that math, it really makes sense,” he said.
“And you don’t have to sacrifice hot showers. The water temperature is
Tim Donaghy ’09
Every morning, Green Mountain College web writer and content
developer Tim Donaghy ‘09 readies for his seven-mile commute from
Middletown Springs to Poultney by strapping on a bike helmet and
mounting his 1970s-era Vista Criterium. He knows every mile intimately
because he bikes to work whenever he can. A Chicago native, Tim says
his main motivation for two-wheeling it to work is his pure enjoyment of
the outdoors. He also likes the fact that he only has to fill the tank of his
Toyota pickup once every three weeks or so—on most days, the vehicle
stays parked in his driveway. His commitment to active transportation
is rewarded by a benefit the College offers to all full-time employees—a
$20 monthly allowance to pay for bicycle repairs or gear. “It really helps
with the minor costs we all have keeping bikes in good running order,”
said Tim. The ride has its challenges—especially when his five-year old
Brittany spaniel Mocha wants to hop aboard. Tim’s answer: a dog bicycle
trailer he found on Craigslist for $150.
(Editor’s note: as this publication went to press, Tim moved to
Manchester, Vt., to take up his new duties at Orvis. Tim says he’s
committed to riding his bike to his office in Sunderland as often as
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