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The Office Freepo
The Office Freepo is located in the basement of Pollock. It is a place where
GMC faculty, staff, and students can bring unwanted office and school
supplies and other GMC community members can pick them up if they
need them. The Office Freepo is open to everyone and is a great source
for binders, notebooks, pens, markers, dividers, and other school and office
supplies. Students are encouraged to leave what they can and take what
they need. Many items are brought here during Green Move Out at the
end of the year, so you are encouraged to check out the Freepo before
buying school supplies, as it is very likely you will find everything you need
right on campus!
The use of the Free Store and
the Freepo makes Green
MoveIn and Green MoveOut
more sustainable and easier
for everyone. Think about the
things you don’t want prior
to moving home and avoid
throwing valuables away or
creating a mess.
In 2013, Green
MoveOut diverted
almost 5,000 lbs
from the waste
stream donating
clothes and other
items to local thrift
shops and stocking
our Free Store and
Water Conservation
Water has become one of the scarcest recourses on earth. Do your part by conserving your
water usage. Green Mountain College has low-flow shower heads that release one and a
half gallons of water per minute. The faucets release 2 gallons a minute.
Water use across campus is higher than it should be. In 2012, GMC consumed 6,559,900
gallons of water. Making just a few changes in your water usage can help bring down that
How to Conserve Water:
Turn the faucet so it is on low pressure (this can reduce the flow to
a quarter of a gallon of water per minute instead of 2 gallons).
Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth or shaving.
When doing dishes, fill the sink with water rather than keeping it
Challenge yourself to take a 5 minute shower.
Eat less meat! Remember beef production takes 1,500 gallons of
water per pound produced compared to 220 gallons of water
required to produce one pound of tofu.
Get involved at GMC by implementing policies, contacting facilities,
talking to students/administrators and thinking about new ways to
deal with our water.
WATER FROM THE FAUCET. Many plastic water bottles contain
harsh chemicals that can leach into your water, and the effects they
have on the environment are numerous.
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