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Hub Cooking
If you like to cook your own meals, consider the food you buy. Why buy processed
foods when homemade meals taste better and are more nutritious? Instead of
getting a microwave meal at Shaw’s, consider making that meal from scratch.
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Cooking With Friends:
Making meals from scratch creates a great opportunity to get together
with friends! When everyone buys a few ingredients, the meal becomes
cheaper and you get to cook together. Try new things like making
bread from scratch, making mozzarella cheese from whole milk, or
starting your own kombucha!
The Simpler the Better:
When you buy something at the store, flip it over to see how many
ingredients are in it. Seemingly simple foods can be packed with
preservatives, such as monosodium glutamate (msg) and dyes. A
good rule is to buy products with fewer than five ingredients.
Some Good Books on Food:
Omnivore’s Dilemma By: Micheal Pollan
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle By: Barbara Kingsolover
Harvest for Hope: A Guide to Mindful Eating By: Jane Goodall
Rebuilding The Food Shed By: Philip Ackerman-Leist
You can always go get more, but
the food you don’t eat goes to
waste. Even though we compost,
it is important to eat everything
you put on your plate. There
are huge amounts of water
and energy use as well as green
house gas emissions associated
with food production, and when
you waste food, you waste these
resources, as well.
Take only what you
can eat:
Eat your veggies:
Consider having a balanced
meal that contains more
veggies than meat. Eating
less meat, especially less beef,
greatly reduces the carbon
footprint your meal carries.
Producing just 2.2 pounds
of beef generates the same
amount of Carbon Dioxide
equivalent as an average car
emits every 155 miles.
Beef production also requires
1,500 gallons of water per
pound compared to the 220
gallons of water required to
produce one pound of tofu.
These are just a few reasons
why you should replace meat
with one of the delicious and
nutritous vegetarian or vegan
entrees offered everyday in
our dining hall.