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Rommy Fuller-Young

Assistant Professor of Education

Education Program Director

Dunton 226
One Brennan Circle
Poultney, VT 05764-1199
Email Address:
Phone: 802-287-8299; Fax: 802-287-8080
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“Our nation is facing a literacy crisis. The United States government estimates that roughly 25% of the adult population in this country is functionally illiterate. It has been acknowledged that if students do not learn to read by the time they enter 3rd grade there is only a 1 in 17 chance that they will ever catch up to their typically developing peers. The future of our nation depends heavily on its children. Here at Green Mountain College we offer training for pre-service teachers in the area of language and literacy that is cutting edge and heavily influenced not only by theory, but backed by research. Elementary education majors graduate from our program absolutely ready to teach children to read. This is an advantage that we are proud to say that we offer here at GMC. Green Mountain College is a pioneer in the field of teacher preparation." - Rommy Fuller

"We teach more by who we are than by what we teach."
-- William Durant

Ed.S. Language & Literacy, Simmons College, 2010
Masters of Education, University of New Hampshire, Durham, 2001
B.S., Health and Human Services, Family Studies, University of New Hampshire, Durham, 2000

Courses Taught
Education: Teacher As Decision Maker, Developmental Psychology & The Exceptional Child, Language Development & Disorders, Language & Literacy I, Language & Literacy II, Elementary Mathematics Methods, Elementary Social Studies Methods, Student Teacher Supervision.

Environmental Liberal Arts: Images of Nature, Voices of Community: A Writing Seminar, Poverty & Inequality in America.

“It matters little else what they learn in elementary school if they do not learn to read at grade level." --Fielding

Research Interests

  • Theoretical explanations for the cause of developmental dyslexia.

  • Recently completed a research prospectus for the topic of intrinsic motivation and academic performance for undergraduate students.

  • Producing a research prospectus for the topic of reading fluency and academic performance for undergraduate students.

  • Developing a research endeavor examining personal education experiences for established public school educators.

  • Working with a local public school administrator to examine the effectiveness of technology on peer tutoring practices.

Teaching Experience
Assistant Professor of Education, Green Mountain College (2008-present)
Currently tutoring several students (ages 8-adult) with the Wilson Language Program.
Head Coach, Peak Performance, Rutland, VT (Sept. 2009-current)
Classroom teacher (multiple grade levels), Poultney Elementary School, VT (August 2003 - 2008)
Head Coach, Poultney High School, Poultney, VT (July 2003 - Feb. 2008)
Second grade classroom teacher, Bridport Elementary School, Bridport, VT (August 2002 - 2003)
Head instructor and camp counselor, UCA, Memphis, TN (June 1998 - 2004)

Special Training / Coursework
School Finance, Fall 2010
Educational Leadership, Summer 2010
Global Education, Summer 2010
Report Form, 2009
Advanced Evaluation of Reading Research, 2009
Teaching of Writing, 2009
Language Learning Disabilities, 2008
Multisensory Language Instruction, 2008
The structure of the English Language, 2007-2008
Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling, 2007
University of Vermont, Burlington, VT BEST Practices, Math, Spring 2007
VT DRA Training, 2006
VT ORI Training, 2005
Act 51 Drug & Alcohol Training, 2003

Affiliations and Offices
Currently on the New Hampshire Board of the International Dyslexia Association
Certified Wilson Language Instructor

Current Professional Endeavors & Achievements
December 2009: Organized a three day conference series entitled Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling, Rutland, VT
2009: Recipient of the Una-Jean Capman Community Service Award
2009: Participant in a study conducted by the University of Connecticut related to social studies instruction for pre-service teachers
Spring 2009: Co-presented at the annual Hudson Valley Mathematics Conference, NY
Fall 2009: Presented a Professional Development workshop for Elementary teachers at Dorset Village School, VT
Fall 2008-Spring 2009: Presenter for a Professional Development Series for faculty and staff at Poultney High School in the area of Language and Literacy

Selected Publications
Book review of Mr. Lincoln's Gift by Whitney Stewart for Hildene of Vermont (2008).
Presentation entitled Language and Literacy for a professional development series for faculty and staff at Poultney High School (2008).

Student Praise
Language & Literacy I:
“This course is excellent and will offer you quite a challenge and will get you to really think about your own literacy and comprehensive education.”

“This class was an incredible learning experience. It gave me tools that I will need to teach language and literacy in the future. I learned so much.”

“This course was everything that I never wanted to know about language, but I like it. I have improved my spelling and I’ve learned a lot to help me teach my daughter how to read.”

“Learning goals are set very high and are effectively met.”

“Rommy is an incredibly dedicated and devoted teacher. Her passion for literacy is motivating and inspiring.”

“One piece of advice I would give someone taking this course next semester / year is to work really hard and you will be rewarded. I love language and literacy!”

Language Development & Disorders:
“Great survey of information. Rommy has great anecdotes that give insight into education, schools, and learning problems.”

“[This course] prepared me with better ways to teach students who might have a LLD and how to recognize them as well. I like that we learned different perspectives and possible causes of LLD’s.”

Language & Literacy II:
“Language & Literacy is a cornerstone that every teacher should experience.”

“[This course] gave me a great deal of knowledge in the areas or reading, writing, etc. This course is so important!”

“You get what you put into this course. Be prepared to work! If you truly intend to provide the most meaningful instruction possible to your [elementary] students, what you learn in this class is in indisposable.”

Developmental Psychology & The Exceptional Child:
“Procrastinating / BSing (usually the two most useful skills in a college student’s repertoire) are not effective in this course.”

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."
-- William Arthur Ward

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