Lara Baxter '13

A Renaissance Woman
Lara Baxter ’13 fits the definition of a well-rounded student, interested in many intellectual pursuits throughout her academic career.

In high school at Maybrook, N.Y., she considered career options from international diplomacy to a medical professional in the Doctors Without Borders program. A friend and alumna of her high school suggested that she enroll in Green Mountain College. After visiting the campus and falling in love with the social and physical environment, Lara made up her mind to go for a major in biology and a minor in chemistry at GMC.

“I just decided,” she admitted. “I like that science explains everything, very neatly.”

Lara still dances between lots of different disciplines in her free time. She is the president of the pre-med/pre-vet club, co-president of the Aquarist/Marine-Bio club, a Shakti Tribal belly dancer, woman’s lacrosse player, biology and editing tutor in Calhoun Learning Center, former member of Slow food USA, member of Folk Ensemble and a member of choir.

Of these activities, her favorite has been lacrosse. Lara insisted that she could play the sport, “all the time.” She added, “I played with the team for all three years. I loved my team and the sport itself.”

Lara officially graduated in December, and she looked back at her time GMC with fondness. She related the memories of her sophomore year, studying with her friends and fellow bio-majors in the biology lab “until the wee hours.”

“We would just bring a ton of food down there, and we would write everything we knew about science on the board,” she described.

She also shared the experience when a friend of hers, and fellow tutor, put a giant slinky down the Griswold Library stairs. “I was taking physics at the time,” she joked.

Another component of Lara’s life at GMC has been her community involvement. Recently, she organized a breast cancer walk fundraising event as a program for the pre-med/pre-vet club called “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer with the American Cancer Society.” The GMC teams ended up raising more than $1,000.

She also interned with the New England Aquarium marine animal rescue program last summer, taking care of sea turtles and seals.

“The rescue program responded to any marine animal stranding from New Hampshire down to Cape Cod,” she explained.

Now she is in the middle of her application process for a job between the conclusion of her undergraduate career and her eventual enrollment in a graduate or doctoral program.

By Laura Huley '13

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