Kim Blank '13

Nearing the summer of freshman year at Green Mountain College, Kim and her friend adopted two kittens from a house in Wells, Vermont. "The house was in really poor condition, as were the animals," states Kim. To the discontent of both Kim and her friend, one of the kittens had to be put down; Kim's cat had to be destroyed shortly after. This experience ignited Kimberly's passion for animals and their well-being, inevitably influencing her education at GMC, and carving a clear path into her future.

In 2010 Kim began collaborating with College on creating a new academic minor. "I had public policy with Sam Edwards and he brought up the minor of animal law," she said. For Kim, it didn't make sense at an environmental college that animal ethics wouldn't be considered.

"We [Kim and another student colleague] started lobbying outside the cafeteria, getting signatures, proposing surveys," Kim said. Soon after, a volunteer group of faculty committed to bringing Animal Studies as a discipline to GMC was in development. Kim and her student colleague Lacie began putting together a sampling of classes based on programs at the Lewis and Clark Law School and Michigan State University, and helped the committee document student support for the animal studies minor, a key step in getting the minor approved.

In addition to her double major, (environmental studies and philosophy), and creating another minor at Green Mountain College, Kim has had an exciting life in the field of athletics. She has played on the GMC soccer team since her freshman year.

Since Kim has been at GMC she has made major additions/changes to her life as well as the live within the Green Mountain community. As she continues on her path, her love for the environment grows as well as her passion for animals, influencing the lives of those around her.

By Zak Stark '15

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