Tamara Bender '08

An analytical mind
"When every new thing you learn becomes your favorite new thing, you know it's for you," says Tamara Bender '08, remembering her first foray into the study of psychology back in high school. "For me, it's like discovering the answers to the questions everyone is asking. It's amazing."

Now a junior Psychology major with a minor in writing, Tammy is transforming her fascination into a serious academic pursuit. It's not the necessity of a grade that drives her (though she maintains a 3.76 GPA), but rather her inherent love of learning that brings her to this point. Tammy just needs to know what makes people tick, and she's planning to dedicate her life to that pursuit.

Originally from Newport News, VA, Tammy is a first generation college student, a fact which she feels gives her a special appreciation for the importance of education. Although her interests lie in behavioral psychology, she is excited about the prospects of attending a cognitive neuroscience workshop this summer at the University of Pennsylvania focusing on the biological aspects of psychology. It's a prestigious and highly competitive program that she believes could push her into areas of study that don't come as easily.

Tammy says she's driven by a strong motivation to help others, and she's finding a great outlet for this desire through her service as a student representative on the College's alcohol task force. This group of students works with the campus Wellness Center to identify the needs of those students suffering from substance abuse. She has also found an opportunity to feed her writing habit -- especially her love of creative nonfiction -- as co-editor of the school's literary magazine, the Reverie.

After graduating from GMC, Tammy plans to head immediately to graduate school and pursue a career in research. She is looking forward to tackling new challenges in her attempt to uncover the unknowns of psychology and answer some of those questions everyone is asking.

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1 - 2 p.m., The Gorge

Power Yoga
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