Joshua Wang '10

by Nicole Ainsworth 09

Pushing his personal limits
Joshua Tesloach Wang is not only motivated, supportive, and amiable, he's fast.

A GMC cross country team member, Joshua tore down the tracks last semester, leading his team to the title of 2006 Division III Independent Tournament Runner-Up Champions for the first time in history, where he placed 2nd. He was also honored with the Rookie of the Year and Second Team Honors by the end of the season. Not bad for a freshman.

Born in Sudan, Joshua spent the majority of his life in Ethiopia. At the age of thirteen, he moved to the United States with his brothers, though his mother, father, and other brothers remained in Africa. Adapting to America was "a little bit of a challenge," he says, because of drastic cultural differences. He spent his high school years in Portland, Maine, where he began running track only four years ago. Joshua switched to cross country last year, not only because he liked the challenge, but also because it reminded him of home. "We have to run for everything we do, like school, looking after cattle, and getting food or water," he says. "Cross Country is about what you're made out of; your gut and willingness of challenging yourself for that extra mile."

Though Joshua noted that cross country takes a lot of time to practice, he spends even more time being involved in the African American Club, Dance Club, Student Athletic Advisory Committee, playing basketball during the off season, and working toward his goal of becoming a doctor. Though a biology major, Joshua speaks English and his native language, Nuer, fluently, and can also understand Arabic, Amharic, and Dinka.

Ironically, Joshua decided to come to GMC because it was a small liberal arts school that focused more on education than sports. He hopes that by being here, he will be able to make a difference for his family and friends back in Sudan, where violence and hunger are such a daunting challenge. Joshua's future goals include continuing his education and helping out in other third world countries like his own homeland. He plans to visit his family in Africa again during next year's winter break.

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