Laura Huley '13

Hailing from Greenwich, Conn., Laura Huley ‘13 has explored a plethora of academic interests at Green Mountain College. The trick was finding a resonance between creative writing and pre-law.

While the relationship between these two disciplines may not be obvious, to Laura, a life-long reader, it is a natural combination. “In law courses, it’s important to be able to write and speak persuasively,” Laura said. “It’s the same with creative writing; you have to be able to sell your world to a reader.”

Laura’s personal writing does not seem especially lawyerly—she prefers to write stories with foundations in myth, fantasy, or surrealism. Through crafting these stories, she has found a way to convey any themes and ideas she wishes, an important skill when forging compromises when parties have opposing views and interests. She also has honed her creative writing and journalism skills through participation in The Reverie (the College’s literary journal) and The Mountaineer (the student newspaper).

She also serves on the editorial board of The Mountaineer. At GMC she also participates in the College choir and worked as a TA for now retired prof. Mike Blust in an Images of Nature course.

Laura found Green Mountain through her guidance counselor’s personal recommendation. In her high school’s college fair she met representatives from GMC and loved how friendly and welcoming they were. She signed up for a prospective student overnight trip on campus during which she found an even friendlier and open environment. Once enrolled, her passion for the arts led her to pursue a major in creative writing.

Since high school, Laura has participated in Model United Nations and attended many conferences where she learned and honed her skills of negotiation. Her interest in law was first sparked in a history class when Laura realized the impact of laws and government on history’s events and human conditions.

She continued to participate in Model UN activities at GMC and in 2010 studied abroad at the Nagoya University in Japan for six months while taking graduate courses. She also attended an International Negotiation conference at Tokyo University, which fueled a more specialized interest in international diplomacy.

“I think when it comes to international law,” Laura says “it’s not just making laws; you need to able to compromise and be a problem-solver.”

Laura, like a lot of Green Mountain students, is passionate about fighting injustice. Laura not only has the personal drive for it but also feels it’s her duty as a member of the larger global community. She remarks, “I would feel like I was wasting time if I thought I wasn’t doing something to contribute to the world.”

With graduation looming, Laura has applied to the Peace Corps and hopes to be accepted into the 27-month program. She wants to be able to travel while experiencing and sharing first hand with people in another culture while doing community service work and becoming immersed in another society.

By Sara Bishop '16

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