Trang Cao '15

Trang came to Green Mountain College from Hanoi, Vietnam to pursue her goal of media production, an ambition that she felt could not be met in her home country studying business at a Vietnamese university.

According to Trang, Green Mountain is relatively well-known in Vietnam and she connected with a couple of people who had attended. Once here, she proved her tireless work ethic is driven by the principle that the quality of her work over the quantity is most important.

“When you decide on a goal, you stick to it,” Trang believes.

Her parents hoped she would stay in Vietnam for school but she was determined to attend school in the U.S. Trang worked day and night in internships, at university, and applying for scholarships in order to attend school in America.

She worked with the ambassadors in the US embassy in Vietnam where she was responsible for hosting public events and blogging on the embassy’s Facebook page. She also had an internship with the renowned Ogilvy and Mather public relations agency in its Vietnam office.

Trang has already been offered two internships including Rising Green, a Boston company that helps students find green jobs or study abroad programs, and Girlie Action, a New York based PR firm that represents leading artists and performers.

At GMC, Trang works with enthusiasm in all her classes to attain the best grades possible. She applies this same fervor towards her own media productions. Trang believes that in today’s world, media is tremendously powerful and can help shape contemporary debates.

Like many students, Trang sees hands-on experiences as one of the most efficient learning methods, which also fuels her continuing interest in internships. With that idea in mind, last summer Trang came up with the plan of creating GMC’s own TV channel. With advising from prof. Jason Schmitt (communications), it soon evolved into an online channel called “The Stream” which posts videos about Green Mountain events and the community.

One of the goals of “The Stream” is to bring the community closer together. Also Trang likes to use it for her and the rest of “The Stream” team to get the valuable hands-on experience of creating quality media productions and for team members to share ideas and skills.

Trang has little time for recreation with all of the work on her plate but she is happy to have so much to do, and knows that it is all worth the effort. Trang’s long-term goal is to create her on TV channel in Vietnam for women. She is taking a women’s studies minor, and Trang believes that women and feminism still have more goals to achieve and obstacles to hurdle.

“Just take a look at Congress, see how many women are serving in office and you’ll see that women are still not equal. Feminism is still relevant,” Trang says.

She believes that the empowerment feminism carries could be most useful in Vietnam where Trang sees a majority of women being restricted to domestic roles.

As a sophomore, Trang still has a lot of time to accomplish her goals and it seems nothing can distract or get in her way. Eager and ambitious, Trang is all ready to jump into the world and to make her mark on it.

By Sara Bishop '16

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