Student Colloquium Creates
New Academic Opportunities

“Close your eyes and imagine you are under the sea. Suddenly, you no longer have arms or legs, but strong flippers and you can swim at up to 35 miles per hour. Suddenly, as you are swimming, you get caught in something, a net, and though you struggle and struggle to escape, you cannot, though you need to breathe again. This is what it would be like to get caught in a shrimp net if you were a sea turtle. You can open your eyes now.” This is how senior Nicole DeLong introduced her piece “Earth Island Institute’s Legal Battle to Save Endangered Sea Turtles” to the audience gathered at YES Coffee House for her student colloquium presentation.

Each year, students are nominated by GMC faculty to present their works of academic excellence at the student colloquium series in the spring. “I tend to nominate papers that teach me something new about a complex subject,” says Prof. Rebecca Purdom (environmental studies). “ I was proud of the papers I nominated and thought that other students and faculty might enjoy discussing these issues in a public forum.” Professors John Nassivera and Teresa Coker made the final decisions this year, choosing only ten students for the honor after pouring over the nominations and pieces of student work.

At the colloquium presentation, students give a brief presentation on their work, followed by time for questions and comments from the audience. “We feel that part of the goal of this series is to encourage the attending students to think of academic discourse as a pleasant socializing experience as well as something to be done to fulfill requirements,” John Nassivera said of the presentations.

“It’s a positive reinforcement of the work I’ve done so far and a strong motivation for the major I’m currently in,” says sophomore Greer Lally. Lally along with fellow sophomore Jennifer Clementi, and junior Carly Myers presented an eight-week curriculum “Self Esteem: Creating Caring, Considerate and Confident Individuals in the Classroom.” Lally says she feels honored to be involved in the program. “Plus, it’s a great way to model what the different programs here have to offer and what professors want us to achieve.”

Student colloquium presentations will be held every Thursday until April 19th from 4-5 p.m. at the YES Coffee House in Moses Hall. For more information, contact Prof. Teresa Coker at ext. 8333.

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Registration for Fall Semester
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Registration for Fall Semester
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Live Music: Elza
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Registration for Fall Semester
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Power Yoga
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Student Colloquium Series
4 - 5 p.m., YES! Coffee House

Registration for Fall Semester
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