Marjuk Ahmad ’16

Marjuk Ahmad ’16, the youngest son of his family in Dhaka, Bangladesh, took a calculated risk by applying to colleges in the U.S., a country far away from home and with no nearby relatives. However, he became invested in the opportunity after an American guidance counselor spoke at his high school in 11th grade about the application process. Afterwards, he began preparing for the SATS and TOEFL, writing essays, and working with Education USA to make his goal a reality.

“Applying was a gradual process that I built up on,” Marjuk recounted. “It was surprising to my family when I decided to apply, but I was so invested in it, they came to accept it.”

During the long application process, Marjuk took independent courses in microeconomics and macroeconomics. He was sure what education path he wanted to take even before enrolling at GMC.

“I have always loved the risk and speculative forecast nature of business,” Marjuk explained. “And my interests in finance have grown inherently from my family background, as well.”

Now, as a double major in business and psychology, Marjuk admits to taking as many economic courses as possible to supplement his understanding of the theoretical nature of business. And when he graduates from GMC, he won’t be done with learning about financial theories: he expects to pursue a graduate program in finance law or business investment.

He is the International Culture Club director of finance, a worker in the Computer Technology Services at the College, a Model United Nations delegate, and a volunteer through Poultney 2020, a community-wide program aimed at making Poultney sustainable by 2020. Marjuk is excited about working with Matt Mayberry, a business professor at GMC, and other volunteers who encourage GMC students to become entrepreneurs.

In his free time, Marjuk calls himself a “second hand consumer of information,” as he spends a lot of time updating his worldview through the Internet. He is passionate about chess, and practices his chess playing to achieve the title Master International chess player by the age of 35. Also, He is a bit of a cinephile, admiring the film techniques of his favorite directors Quentin Tarantino and Francis Ford Coppola.

As for his coolest experience at GMC, Marjuk claimed to have recently run around the town of Poultney with his friend in the freezing weather. This was a completely new experience. “Before coming here, I have never seen snow in my life,” Marjuk laughed. “Yet I have gained the courage to run around in it.”

Back in high school, Marjuk was the president of the high school debate club, and organized a national debate festival in Bangladesh for more than one hundred other debate teams. He noted that he would possibly be interested in organizing something like that here, but maybe later in his undergraduate career.

“I’m not the position right now to start something new,” Marjuk explains. “But time will say.”

By Laura Huley '13

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