Students Present Sandra Wright in
Benefit Concert for Darfur

Green Mountain College’s Make A Difference Scholars are pleased to present a concert by Vermont favorite Sandra Wright and her Blues Band on Sunday, April 22 at 4 p.m. in The Gorge of Withey Hall. The students will join with more than 100 other cities around the world as part of the world-wide 'Global Days for Darfur,' calling for immediate action to help end the violence in the western region of Sudan.

The students will join the international community to put the pressure on Sudan once again to allow the deployment of an international peacekeeping force for the protection of civilians. "Time is running out for the people of Darfur," says Shawn Henry, a GMC Make a Difference Scholar, who is helping organize the benefit. "Hundreds of thousands of people have already been killed, millions have been displaced, the crisis has spread across two borders and - from everything we hear - the situation is only worsening. The people of Darfur need action now."

GMC Sophomore Peter Dut, a former Sudanese refugee, was featured in the critically acclaimed 2001 film, Lost Boys of Sudan. Dut, whose photo is on the front cover of the video and web site, is one of two Sudanese students at the College.

All donations go to the "Save Darfur Coalition," a tax-exempt 501c3 organization. Funds will support awareness and advocacy programs that play a critical role in building the political pressure needed to end the crisis in Darfur. Further information is available online at: for more information.

Suggested donation is $5 at the door. For more information about this event, contact GMC student, Shawn Henry at 802-287-8947.

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