Hate Crimes
Discussion Continues

Several healing discussions, demonstrations and workshops took place over the weekend in the wake of homophobic, racist, and sexist hate speech and vandalism that have occurred recently on campus. The events were intended to support direct and indirect victims of these incidents, and to build a community that is stronger than those words and acts. In addition to customary support systems on campus, the following students, staff and faculty have identified themselves as safe people to speak to for students who feel upset or who want to continue the discussions.

Angela Baglione
Lisa Kalan
Laura Wolfgang
Charlotte Hughes
John Sinclair
Zuleika Irvin
Kimberly Blank
Sarah Krenicki
Karrah Johnston
Jensen Morgan
Ried Meyer
Hannah Weller
Amy Yates
Nicholas Ravotti
Brendan Rosa
Taylor Meek
Cody Tedford
Jennifer McKanna
Lily Bradburn
Matthew DiMasi
Carlie Guinane<
Rosa Gahbler
Courtney Perry
Marjorie Jarvis
Charlene Smith
Keith McDade
Jonathon O'Neill
Andrew Kohler
Chris Griffin
Leslie Clarke
Jessica Cuni
Katie Eisenhart
Parker Maish
Diane Mulvihill
Anna Saco
Ernest Klepeis
Jose Vazquez
Elana Israel
Jaid Cherkis
Emma Wallace
Arielle Antosca
Michael Shulman
Sam Mongelli
Kendra Osgood
Georgette Abdallah
Kaitlyn Grant
Mahcaiyah Wearing-Gooden
Robert Gould
Victoria Houlis
Daniel Kimatarle
Rachael Potter (and Sophie)
Julia Share
Alan Burnell
Samuel Mooney
Greyson Ersilk
Rhyan Hollis
Abe Broccolo
Toli Gintoli
Kayla Biggs
Emily Piper
Baylee Drown
Jose Galvez-Contreras
Forrest Richard
Jane Langner
Danielle Field
Emily Provonsha
Tori Sarver
Jacqueline Petroski
Tracy Hewitt
Marie DeGennaro
Lizzie Helbig
Charlotte Wright
Kat Kehrt
Lara Baxter
Cassie Walker
Duong Vo
Charles Petrick
Zoe Leary
Sarah Gastler

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