Barnum Exhibit Showcased “Double Design”

By Laura Huley '13

Artistic Documentation
Ian Barnum ‘13 came from Norwood, N.J. on a college tour several years ago. With his parents, Ian decided on a set of criteria for establishing whether or not a college was ideal.

“We were looking for some place that was small and a little more communicative,” Ian stated.

GMC fit the bill, and the fact that the area was mostly quiet and peaceful was even more of an incentive to enroll.

Originally planning to graduate with a BA, Ian enrolled in several art classes, including analog photography and printmaking. For him, these classes were so rewarding that he decided to switch over to a BFA in art.

“In high school I took some art classes and did some drawing, but I never thought about pursuing it in college. My interest in art is what pulled me in,” he explained.

Ian remains most excited about the concept of light and shadow in his work. He displayed his photography and prints, which both employ this kind of contrast, during his senior show titled “Double Design” that was recently showcased in the Feick Fine Arts Center.

In addition to an interest in art, Ian has completed many REED classes and is graduating with the Renewable Energy and Ecological Design (REED) Certificate. Last fall, he participated in the REED block course to build a solar garage for the college farm. During this course he learned about building materials and used his classmates as subjects for the photography he ultimately chose for his senior show.

“This was artistic documentation,” Ian noted.

During the REED External Practicum class at Yestermorrow Design/Build School, he participated as a builder and a photographer as he and fellow students designed and built a bridge for the Deane Nature Preserve. This was the precedent for the solar garage documentation.

Ian pursues many forms of art. Last summer, he fulfilled an internship at a local West Rutland foundry called Campbell’s Plaster & Iron. There, he learned to build sculptures made out of plaster, wax paper, and how to cast bronze.

After he graduates this May, Ian hopes to focus on design. He’s a lover of vintage cars, depicting them in prints in his show, and would also like to pursue architecture as well as photography.

During his sophomore year at Honors Tea, Ian won the Fine Art Achievement Award, a moment he calls one of his most memorable experiences at GMC.

It is clear that no matter what he ends up doing; Ian will work hard to succeed.

“I like to stay on top of my work,” he notes.

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