The Stream Running Strong

The first issue of The Mountaineer, the Green Mountain College student newspaper, appeared in the 1937-38 school year. The paper continues to be published today, making it one of the most venerable institutions on campus. Trang Cao ’15, an international student from Hanoi, Vietnam, hopes that The Stream, a new student-run video channel, will have the same longevity and impact.

“Traditional print media serves a purpose, but there is huge room for growth in broadcast on campus,” said Trang. She believes emerging media including video, sound, graphic design, and social networking are uniquely suited to cover important stories while capturing the energetic vibe of the campus.

With mentoring from prof. Jason Schmitt (communications studies), Trang recruited a team of producers including Jason Birch ‘15, Robert Holloway ‘15, My Linh Le ’16, Kim Barrett ’12, Hang Trang ’16 and Russell Stone ’14 to create a broadcast channel dedicated to life as it happens at GMC.

“The ultimate goal is to create a channel with different shows so it’s much more than just a collection of videos,” said Trang.

The group’s first show is “60sec” – video vignettes about GMC confined to sixty seconds. One of the goals of The Stream, Trang said, is to bring the community closer together while giving students an outlet to gain valuable hands-on experience creating quality media productions. The group is looking to link up with PEG-TV, the public access station based in Rutland, which can broadcast Stream productions through cable. The Stream staff also worked on special projects including a video on Poutlney2020, the town/gown downtown revitalization effort. Eventually Trang foresees other regular programming broadcast from studio space installed in the basement floor of Griswold Library.

The campus seems to be watching. Starting from ground zero last October, The Stream has generated 145 “likes” on its Facebook page and many "likes" and comments for the videos.

“This is where media is headed,” said Trang. “It’s necessary to be exposed to modern media and the digital age. Students with different interests can join the team and practice their own skills.”

The Stream welcomes interested students to become part of our team and contribute ideas, content for the channel.

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