Danielle Phillips '11

One Who Means Business
Growing up in Parsippany, N.J., Danielle Phillips wanted to experience something a little different than, what she called, “the extreme epitome of suburbia.” At first, she wasn’t sure college was for her, but decided it was worth a try—on a condition or two. It would need to afford her the opportunity to ski and give her a run for her money on the academic side of things. In due time, Danielle would find GMC, a place that was conducive to her devotion to academic excellence--and her passion for hitting the slopes.

She quickly discovered some of the benefits of attending a small liberal arts college. Danielle especially appreciated the intimate classroom environment, which is fairly atypical of business students like her.

“I really liked that the classes were small—it made it easier to interact with the students… It helped me get over any feelings of academic apathy,” she said. Additionally, the quality of each course really struck a chord with Danielle. “Being in the business program gives me a different perspective on economics and marketing than I would receive at a conventional school. It’s nice to have a leg-up on sustainability,” she remarked.

Envisioning sustainable business solutions was an ideal approach for Danielle, who is interested in mountain operations/resort management as a potential career. In the meantime, she’s been getting her feet wet by working at Killington Resort as a sales clerk. None of this ever seemed to get in the way of Danielle’s commitment to being, not just studious, but sincerely engaged in her coursework.

Besides working in a near full-time job at Killington, she volunteered last spring to help the Brass Butterfly (a small Poultney producer of gift planters and other items that has remained shuttered for years). At the end of last semester she turned in a marketing analysis to them that would have cost thousands to be produced by a consultant. She is also volunteering in operating the re-opened Tiny Theater on Main Street in Poultney. Furthermore, she has acted as a study group leader and unofficial tutor to business and economics students for years. This year, she is the official business tutor.

Danielle adds to all of that an unwavering sense of humility and class. She is the type of hard worker whose efforts are widely appreciated but tends to remain out of the limelight herself. At the end of this semester, all of her efforts will pay off as she receives her degree. But more importantly than that, Danielle says she has developed a work ethic and desire to be the best she can be in whatever she does by attending college here at GMC. As she ventures off into the infamous “real world”, Danielle’s unique skill set in business and her “constant need to be challenged” will leave her motivated and well-equipped to succeed in solving the complex problems of sustainable business and beyond.

By Chad Skiles ‘12

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