CORE Survey for Students
The CORE Drug and Alcohol Survey was developed in the late 1980s by the US Department of Education and advisors from several universities and colleges. The survey is used by colleges nationwide to determine the extent of substance use and abuse on their campuses as well as to determine student attitudes towards drugs and alcohol. All GMC students are invited to take this online survey at The log-in login ID is 17911.

Alcohol and drug use among students is a serious problem. Campus environments are often seen as encouraging not only use but abuse. Binge-drinking (drinking to get drunk, usually considered at least four drinks on any occasion) is one form of substance abuse that is very common among students.

Alcohol and drugs pose special problems for students. The average student who has one drink a day earns a GPA at only a C- level, and grades plummet with higher consumption. Women need to drink only half what male students do to cause the same effect on their grades. Almost half of academic problems come from abusing alcohol. It's also a factor in about a third of drop-outs.

In an environment where binge-drinking is common, so are substance-related legal offences and injuries. Illegal drugs, underage possession of alcohol and drunk driving can costs fines and jail time. Fights, sexual assault, and injuries are more likely to happen when one has been drinking or doing drugs. Half of campus injuries are alcohol-related. One third of people who die in drunk driving crashes are under 25 years old. It's the leading cause of death for young people.

Many people have stereotypes of what an alcoholic or addict is, and most people don't associate that image with young students. Being young and in college doesn't protect you from addiction. Responsible behavior does.

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