Chris Donovan '13

Of Being Part of a Community
Chris Donovan comes from Bedford, Mass, a place he calls “a little town between Lexington and Concord where the whole revolution happened.” While attending high school there, he ran his own sustainable landscaping company, an experience that marked the beginning of his interest in sustainable business.

“It came easy to me and it was different,” he notes.

He found out about Green Mountain College from an unlikely source: his younger brother. When his brother explained to his camp counselor that Chris was interested in sustainability, the counselor suggested that he look into GMC.

“I looked at it and immediately fell in love.” Chris includes.

Chris knew he loved GMC because it had more of a small-town, rural feel than his cosmopolitan upbringing. He related his most memorable experience of freshman year. Chris was hanging out on Moses Lawn with a couple friends when he noticed that someone’s cow was running around Ames circle and people were trying to "corral"it.

“I knew I was not in Boston anymore,” he emphasizes.

Over the past four years, Chris has taken on a lot of responsibility on campus. He spends his time as a tutor, tour guide, general manager of the Coffee House, resident assistant, and captain of the cross-country and tennis teams. He is most passionate, however, about being the GM of the Coffee House.

“It is a learning lab,” he asserts. “We went from last year at this time, making no money, actually we were making negative. Now we’re making around $150 in sales a week, which is huge!”

In the realm of athletics, Chris has found his place in leadership roles. As the captain of the tennis team, he enjoys training men and women together at the Rutland Tennis Center Club to face all-male teams at other schools.

He laughs, “It’s really funny to watch girls beat down guys at other schools, and the guys are always like ‘Oh I had a bad day’.”

After graduation, Chris intends to immediately enter the workforce, but in the meantime he is developing a new type of generator to create clean renewable energy. Chris gives a lot of credit for his inspirations to his professors in the business department and would have been “lost without them.”

Although he will graduate in the spring, Chris will leave college content with his experiences. He remembers being a prospective student, visiting GMC, and being blown away by the sense of community. This sense of inclusion has never gone away.

“The community feel is unlike any other,” he states. “I’ve visited friends from other schools and they say they have community, but then they visit here, and they ask, ‘what is this place?’”

By Laura Huley '13

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