Lauren Piechota '13

Lauren Piechota, a huge Boston Red Sox fan, hails from Palmer, Mass where she decided at eight years old that she wanted to be a teacher. Years later in high school when she was searching for a college to pursue her goal, a Green Mountain admissions representative presented at her school sparking her interest in the small environmental liberal arts college. Lauren was attracted to GMC’s small class sizes, engaging education program, and passion for the environment.

Always having been the ideal student because of her love of school and education, Lauren thrived in GMC’s academic arena maintaining excellent grades in all her courses. She studies elementary education with concentrations in English and writing so that she can stress literacy and language in the classroom.

Lauren enjoys teaching at the elementary level most and getting students creatively involved in projects that incorporate several subjects at a time. This way students get the most out of their work while staying enthusiastic about learning and seeing how different disciplines relate to one another.

Lauren feels that she has learned a lot from her professors. They’ve encouraged her in taking the initiative to go beyond class time to encourage collaborative and individual approaches to teaching. These approaches are important in a hands-on environment for teachers and students.

In classroom observations, Lauren has learned the fine distinctions between grade levels and the importance of using different teaching approaches for each level. Distinguishing the difference between what is prior knowledge and what is new to students is important in teaching at the elementary level. She also got the chance to use her skills when doing some substitute teaching back home in Massachusetts. Next semester she will be student teaching in Rutland.

Outside of the classroom, Lauren enjoys being active and outdoors. She often camped with her family and spent lots of time outdoors, which made her more inclined to explore more activities at Green Mountain. At GMC, she has gotten involved in biking and heavily in rock climbing. She also finds it important to be intellectually stimulated in her leisure time by writing poetry and short stories that stretch her own writing prowess.

As president of the Media Co-op, Lauren has responsibility for The Mountaineer, GMC’s student-run newspaper. Lauren has gotten the chance to write several articles and opinion pieces though she prefers getting to do more creative writing and tries to do as much as possible in her own time.

Always an enthusiastic student herself, Lauren plans on continuing her education after graduation this spring in graduate school in order to pursue a masters of art and teaching.

By Sara Bishop '16

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