Bruna Lobato '15

Success on Her Own Terms
Bruna Lobato ’15, a double major in writing and English with a minor in communications, has a life saturated with writing. She describes her greatest passion as, “life as art and art as life.” This statement represents an inclination for written and visual arts that has guided her motivations and dreams.

Growing up in Natal, Brazil she developed an early passion for literature. She collected journals to write in and read from a small stack of treasured books. The loss of her small library, destroyed in a flood, devastated her beyond the loss of any other material possession.

Later, in high school, when she was studying environmental studies, Bruna was asked the question, “what would you want to do all the time” she realized environmental studies was not her answer.

“A friend joked, ‘You would read all the time,’ and I said ‘That’s right!’ That was when I knew what I wanted to do,” She explains. “Literature seemed to be a natural path.”

Bruna found Green Mountain College through the suggestion of a guidance counselor from Education USA, a group belonging to the state department, and when she received the College’s “Make a Difference Scholarship” she cemented her decision to enroll.

At GMC she has found many outlets for her interests. Bruna is the editor-in-chief of the Mountaineer, a teacher’s assistant for the Images of Nature course, Reverie editor, a tour guide for the admissions office, a former delegate in Model UN conferences at Harvard University and New York City, and research assistant for Kevin Bubriski, studying Brazilian graffiti art. But she believes that these opportunities have not been the best part of her GMC experience.

“Meeting so many people that have so much to teach me, this was the greatest opportunity,” Bruna notes. However, she does have a special love for both the Mountaineer and her research with the art department about which she warmly observes, “I get to study my people through art.”

Before coming to GMC, Bruna was a youth ambassador of Brazil. In this role, she toured the White House and met with Michelle Obama. Through community service, she earned an honorary citizenship in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And, since becoming a Philips Exeter alumnus, she has been an interviewer for that institution. So, managing multiple responsibilities is clearly a challenge that she has mastered.

Along with her obligations, Bruna found the time to publish her first work in a Brazilian anthology. Bruna says that writing does not require an “aha moment” or a divine gift. She suggested that aspiring writers put their pen to paper and work through the dry spells.

“Read, read, read, and write, even if you don’t have an idea. And read more,” Bruna adds. “Of course, I think that some environments and moods are more conducive to writing, but even if you don’t have an inspiration, just write anyway.”

Bruna plans on going to graduate school for comparative literature or literary theory. Then, she wants to publish in literary journals and eventually write her own novel while working as college professor.

“I’m not looking to become a best-selling novelist, that is not something I envision,” Bruna contends. “I just want to be successful on my own terms.”

By Laura Huley '13

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