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HISTORY AT GREEN MOUNTAIN COLLEGE offers students the opportunity to enjoy studying the past as part of a liberal arts education, for a degree with a history major or minor, and as part of a degree designed to certify candidates to teach social studies at the secondary education level. The GMC History Program offers a wide range of courses in American, Asian, European, and world history. Many of those courses have an environmental theme in keeping with the overall mission of the College.

The curriculum stresses developing and sharpening student skills which, when mastered, have broad applications to such careers as law school, museum studies, archival positions as well as many other graduate and professional programs.

The senior seminar provides students with the opportunity to conduct original research involving primary sources on a topic of their choosing to demonstrate the abilities and approaches they have developed in the program. History at Green Mountain is designed to nurture and produce professional skills while studying the infinitely varied and exciting world of the human past.

Majors & Minors

  • B.A. in History
  • B.A. in History with Secondary School Teacher Certification in Social Studies
  • Minor in History

Learning Outcomes
  • Read, comprehend, recall and discuss historical interpretation and data.

  • Place events and the interpretation of those events in their appropriate time and place.

  • Compare historical developments across cultural and geographical boundaries.

  • Gauge the quality and appropriateness of source material.

  • Evaluate and critique different historical perspectives and explanations.

  • Organize information and ideas in support of their written arguments.

  • Properly document sources and effectively use them in support of interpretations and arguments.

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