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Student Research

Every other year, a history seminar is offered to junior and senior history students who do original research on a topic of their choosing from primary sources. Recent student research projects include:

"Vermonters at Gettysburg"
Nicholas Bazik '11
Vermont Historical Society

"Vermont in Civil War"
Alex Ervin '11
Vermont Historical Society

"Gardner State Hospital: the Cottage Plan"
Jenna Hirons '11
JFK Library, Massachusetts Department of Mental Health

"Scottish Identitiy in America"
Jacob Kettell-Musial '11
NYC Public Library

"Changing Technologies:
The Worchester-Providence Canal"

Joshua Mathews '11
Historical Society of Worchester

"Icons of US Nationalism: the Uncle Sam Case"
Andrew Bittner '10
Historical Society of Troy, N.Y.

"Albert Bickmore: Pioneer in Visual Education"
Ryan Horvath '10
Museum of Natural History, NYC

"Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Commission: Exercise in Progressivism"
Wayne King '10
New York State Archives, Albany

"Anti-Slavery in Early Pennsylvania"
James Phelan '10

"No More Billboards: the Vermont Law"
Brooke Salls '10
State Library of Vermont

"Strike in the Quaries: Barre in the 30s"
Samuel Springman '10
Vermont Historical Society

"Sport & Nationalism: Serbia"
Dusan Vuksanovic '10

"Service in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade"
Christopher Corcoran '09
Special Collections, New York University

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