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Z. Vance Jackson Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology

Richardson Hall 302
One Brennan Circle
Poultney, VT 05764-1199
Email Address:
Phone: (802) 287-8255; Fax: (802) 287-8080


Ball State University, Ph.D., 2009
Concentration: Counseling Psychology
Dissertation: Sex Differences In Explicit and Implicit Attitudes and Attributions Of Responsibility In Domestic Violence

Ball State University, M.A. 2002
Concentration One: Community Counseling
Concentration Two: Social Psychology

University of Wisconsin-Madison, B.S in Psychology, 1999 


Research Interests

Vance Jackson’s research interests fall into two different categories. While these two categories differ in the constructs that are being studied, they are similar in that they both focus on ways that people interact with the social environments around them.

Work-Family Interface
One of Vance’s areas of research interest centers around the interaction of work and family roles. Couples often find it difficult to balance the demands that their work and family roles place on them. Given that satisfaction with work and family roles can impact mental health and overall well-being for both women and men, it is important to understand these challenges and to be able to effectively help individuals cope with these challenges. Vance’s research in this area has primarily focused on the influence of satisfaction with one’s work, family, and spiritual life on overall life satisfaction. In addition, Vance has also focused on the influence of traditional and nontraditional gender roles in work and family domains.

Attitude Research
Vance is also interested in investigating differences between negative implicit and explicit attitudes and ways that these different attitudes affect judgments people make about others. In particular, Vance has examined ways that people apply implicit stereotypes to different racial groups, athletes with disabilities, and victims of domestic violence. In addition, Vance’s research has focused on developing more effective methods of promoting prosocial behaviors.


Refereed Journals

Perrone, K. M., Jackson, Z.V., Perrone, P. A., Wright, S. L., & Ksiazak, T. M. (2008). Perfectionism, achievement of potential, and attributions of success among gifted adults. Advanced Development: A Journal on Adult Giftedness.

Perrone, K.M., Perrone, P.A., Ksiazak, T.M., Wright, S.L., & Jackson, Z.V. (2007). Gender differences in self perceptions of giftedness among adults in a longitudinal study of academically talented high school graduates. Roeper Review, 29, 259-264.

Perrone, K.M., Webb, L.K., & Jackson, Z.V. (2007). Relationships between work and family roles, parental attachment, and life satisfaction. Career Development Quarterly, 55, 237-248.

Perrone, K.M., Webb, L.K., Wright, S.L., & Jackson, Z.V., & Ksiazak, T.M. (2006). The relationship of spirituality to work and family roles and life satisfaction among gifted adults. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 28, 253-268.

Perrone, K.M., Wright, S.L., & Jackson, Z.V. (2009). Traditional and nontraditional gender roles in work and family domains: Recent developments and implications for career counselors. Journal of Career Development.

White, M.W., Jackson, Z.V., & Gordon, P. (2006). Implicit and explicit attitudes towards athletes with disabilities. Journal of Rehabilitation, 72, 3, 33-40.

Book Chapters
Harris, K.A., Wilson, P.W., & Jackson, Z.V. (2005). Beginning body dialog: An introduction to physical acting techniques in family counseling. In K.A. Hertlein and D. Viers (Eds.), The Couple and Family Therapist’s Notebook: Homework, handouts, and Activities for Use in Psychotherapy. Binghamton, NY: Haworth.

Jackson, Z. V., Wright, S.L., & Perrone, & Perrone, K.M. (March, 2008). The impact of nontraditional career choices on the work-family interface. Paper presented at the International Counseling Psychology Conference, Chicago, IL.

Perrone, K. M., Jackson, Z. V., Wright, S. L., & Ksiazak, T. (March, 2008). Social-cognitive factors of gifted adults. Poster presented at the International Counseling Psychology Conference, Chicago, IL.

Perrone, K. M., Ksiazak, T. M., Wright, S. L., & Jackson, Z. V. (August, 2007). The role of gender in self- perceptions of abilities. Paper presented at the American Psychological Association Conference, San Francisco, CA.

White, M. J., Jackson, Z.V., & Gordon, P. (2006, May). Implicit and explicit attitudes toward athletes with disabilities. Paper presented to the annual convention of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, IL.

Lampropoulos, G. K., Spengler, P. M., Jackson, Z. V., & Smith, C.L. (2006, May). Trainee therapist thinking styles, treatment preferences, and counseling process and outcome. Paper presented to the 22nd International Meeting of Society for the
Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration, Los Angeles, CA (May 2006).

Wilson, P.W., Harris, K.A., Ordonez, M.A., & Jackson, Z.V. (April 2004). Beginning body dialog: An introduction to physical acting techniques in family counseling. Presentation given at the Great Lakes Conference, Muncie, IN.

Wilson, P.W., Harris, K.A., Jackson, Z.V., Ordonez, M.A., & Brown, T.D. (May 2003).  Theater, therapy, and social responsibility. An interdisciplinary critique of project rainbow. Presentation given at the Pedagogy and Theater of the Oppressed Conference, Milwaukee, WI.

Jackson, Z.V., & Dhanbhoora, K.A. (April 2003). Cancer diagnosis: Attitude and coping mechanisms. Presentation given at the Great Lakes Conference, Kalamazoo, MI.

Chancellor’s Diversity Challenge Fund, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 2007. $500 funded

Vermont Genetics Network Pilot Project Grant, University of Vermont.  $24,400 funded


Honors and Awards

Exemplary Teacher Award of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church, 2011-2012.

Teaching Experience
Courses Taught at Green Mountain College
Counseling and Psychotherapy
Abnormal Psychology
Multiculturalism, Diversity Awareness, and Social Justice
Introduction to Psychology
Human Development One
Senior Seminar: Motivation

Other Teaching Experience
Techniques of Psychological Interviewing, Ball State University, 2005 – 2006.
Theories and Techniques of Counseling, Ball State University, 2005.
Advanced Psychotherapy (Guest Instructor), Ball State University, 2005.
Human Relationship Development, Ball State University, 2002 – 2003.


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